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Just sharing my progress since the latest Google Update. This is activity related to, a baking website where I share recipes and reviews of various products related to baking:I've been online since August. While I have seen spikes occasionally where my queries have shot up for a day or two, since this last Google update, not only have the queries stayed steady, but my actual clicks per day have doubled. My sessions have increased tremendously as well:Again, I've seen activ
May 07, 2015
While you're tapping your pencil on your desk, thinking about your next fantastic post, don't forget to update your widget sidebar ads regularly.While your Atmail account may be the spammiest email account in existence, it's worth wading through it every so often to find those promotions from your affiliates. They'll send out notices of short-term ad campaigns (3 Days Only! 50% Off Entire Site!). If you pay attention, you can snag one of those to use in one of your sidebar ads. I know that ri
I hesitate to write this, as my inner psyche rebels at the thought of adding Facebook friends just to have a bunch of friends. HOWEVER, if you want to get your site out and about, and you want to share it on Facebook with lots of people, here's one way to do it. First, I would set up a nom-de-plume - a pen name - for this tactic. It can be as simple as adding your middle initial or slightly changing your spelling. Facebook does root out phony IDs, so I wouldn't recommend making it something
I wrote some time ago about how I'd signed up for Jaaxy and reworked all my keywords based on new searches and updates. With so many new members joining every week, I wanted to make sure everyone knew just where to start when writing a new blog entry or article. My site is on baking. I chose that topic because I'm interested in baking and I already do a lot of it. I already subscribe to several magazines. I'm a member of several baking blogs. I get emails from companies I like, like
UPDATE: Google's Mobile Algorithm At the onset of February, Google announced that they will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in driving search results to users. This update will take place on April 21st. In the announcement, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog states: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search resu
So, I've thought a lot about it, and I think it's time to start another web site with a new niche. I've been running this one for 8 months and it's going well. I update it with a new recipe once a week or so, and I'll keep that up easily. I'm getting around 20 sessions a day. My ad clicks this month are around 350 on eBay and 175 on LinkShare. I can't do Amazon, as I live in Colorado - and that probably really hurts me on sales. Sigh. Oh well, not much I can do about that. I'd like to s
April 13, 2015
As we move into spring and summer months here in the Northern Hemi, keep in mind that your niche can be positively or negatively affected by the seasons. Mine is baking, and it definitely tapers off as the weather gets warmer. What I try to do is go more for the holiday traffic. April was Easter, so I hit the Easter ham and spring-y cupcakes a bit harder. May is Memorial Day in the U.S., so some picnic ideas (how to roast on an outdoor grill is what I'm researching right now). And so on.
I've seen several questions from people regarding these two data collection tools that Google offers, and there seems to be confusion. Maybe this will help. There are two tools that you need (at the very least) to truly understand what's happening with your web site. One is Google Analytics and the other is Google Webmaster Tools. Google Analytics tells you who is actually visiting your site on a daily basis. Here's what the main page looks like once you've got it all linked to your site:
I finally have some time to focus on creating conversions (i.e. SALES) on my site. I've seen the traffic spike quite a lot, due to a total revision of all my keywords. Here's my Google Webmaster Tools traffic chart as of today: First - look at traffic. As you can see, traffic has increased over 400%. That's great, right? Well, yes and no. Though I'm getting lots of impressions during Google searches, my clicks have only increased about 20% - better than a stick in the eye, but still pr
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Finally found my way to Page One with one of my latest recipes. My traffic is still staying strong, with the usual dips between posts and across weeks. Even my media is ranking No 1. Don't forget the importance of good media images in your keyword searches. 3 of mine occupy the row of pictures Google displays when using the keyword. It's taken me about 8 months to make it this far. But the nice thing is, you don't have to climb