"How Do You Know What to Write About?"

Last Update: September 21, 2019

I can honestly say I am never at a loss for things to write about for my blogs. I mentioned earlier that I make a note of what I see on the covers of the family magazines at the store for the latest "Hot" foodie items coming along. And for my travel blog, I just peruse my mail. Almost every day I get some mailing or flyer from a travel company, advertising their latest sale or promo. They often have whole pages devoted to travel tips, like the latest one from Conde Nast, "Top 5 Secrets to Savvy Travel." I don't steal their tips, but I may rework that little piece and make it my own, with personal experiences and perhaps a few more tips that I've gleaned along the way.

Of course, any idea is run through Jaxxy SEO, just to see if the keyword can be tweaked a bit to expand the reach. "Top 5 Secrets" may become "Top 7 Secrets" or "Top 10 Secrets". The recipe blog article might be changed to make it "Easy Chocolate Cupcakes". So yeah, there's homework to do. But often that only results in even more articles to make note of.

Choose the Right Niche

One thing that helps tremendously is having the right niche to begin with. When I first started Baking Naturally, I was really quite obsessed with using whole wheat, and eliminating any ingredients I felt were not organic. This really limited my posts, and made the frequency of posting very difficult, as I had to rework and test every recipe multiple times to get it to work. Sometimes I couldn't get it to work satisfactorily at all, and thus wasted a week's time! Not good. (And the kicker was, even when I did get it right, my only comments were from people who objected to my using a certain type of pan, or not buying my vanilla from the right source!)

So I made some changes. I got very clear on my own message - here's what I consider to be "natural." And I stuck to my guns from then on. Slowly, I was able to increase the frequency of posts and build a decent audience.

Adjust Your Niche If You Must

If you find yourself writing the same article over and over, just using different phrases now and then, you may want to consider adjusting your niche altogether. It may just be too narrow. Don't be afraid! It's your blog - you can make it whatever you want! You get to set the definitions and parameters.

Make your adjustments with an eye on How You Will Monetize Your Blog. Remember, the goal here is to make some money. Getting ranked on Google and being accepted by Amazon are all fine and good, but you need to see some return for all your work and time. So when you consider how you might expand your niche, look at the types of things you might be able to offer your readers to help meet their needs. If it's self-help, how can you expand your topics to begin to offer a wider range of books? If art-therapy is a good technique to battle depression, can you offer art courses on Bluprint? If meditation helps, can you recommend some good books for that? You are offering a service to your readers, so don't be shy about shoving some good stuff right in their faces!

Pay Attention

If you have chosen a niche that you are passionate about, you are probably already immersed in information regarding that niche. I get at least three emails a day from various food and recipe vendors, offering the latest goodies to their readers. And I already mentioned all the travel material I get in the mail. Look at your own email and "junk" mail you're getting. You may find it's actually a very useful source of inspiration for your own take on blog articles.

You Have Something To Offer

No one should plagiarize articles, of course - ever. But if Easy Chocolate Cupcakes are trending, you better believe I'll be dusting off, revising and posting my recipe on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It's the same with you. You have a take on your niche that no one else can possibly have. So share it. Offer tools to your readers that may help. They will thank you for it.

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dprs Premium
love it
Claudiojuan Premium
Hello Don
The more knowledge we have of our preferred niche, the better it will be and more money we can earn.
Thank you!
klchang Premium
Great stuff and advice, Don.
Thanks for sharing.
All the best and success.
Caruana Premium
Hi, great advice. I like broader niche where you can talk about and offer different products and services. And as you say we receive heaps of emails with ideas if one is stuck on what to write about. Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Marisa
Joes946 Premium
Great post Don. Looks like you have a handle on everything. The travel niche is pretty broad, but doable. The baking niche is very interesting and I think you are narrowing it down well.
To your success.