Fall is a Baker's Busiest Time of Year

Last Update: September 16, 2019

Do you have a time of year that you find to be busiest in your online business? For me, it's fall.

When the weather starts turning cooler, and the holidays start stacking up one after another, each with it's own theme and string of hungry guests waiting for a new treat, it can get difficult to keep up! That's why I create a good calendar for my posting so that I'm not spinning my wheels.

I've put together my posting calendar based on several pieces of input. First was a "Interest Spikes Early on Pinterest" calendar I got from a training there. It lists all the major holidays on the left-hand column, and then gives you a timeline for when people are searching for items regarding that holiday. Right now, it shows Halloween starts it's search peak at mid-July and runs through mid-November (hey, some people want a jump on next year, I guess!) Thanksgiving starts even earlier - around mid-May, along with Black Friday.

I also have a calendar from Mailchimp that's similar, but with some other holidays and a different timeline for sending out newsletters. You have to have your postings in place before you send a newsletter, so those two need to be very coordinated.

With this info, I start researching what recipes are "hot" this year. That's pretty easy - just check out the major family magazines while you're checking out at the grocery! They've done a lot of research already, so you just need your special spin to things. This year seems to be Pumpkin Spice redux, so I'm dusting off some of my pumpkin recipes and re-posting them with new pictures and variations. (And that's another benefit of blogging - you don't have to completely re-create the wheel! Just update your post with some fresh info and photos, change the posting date, and Google will run with that.)

And then, of course, comes the selling. I also research the latest gadgets and small appliances that are hot right now. This year, it's the air fryer and the instant pot (again). So I'm dusting off my reviews of those and updating for the new models that have come out since last year.

Running a successful blog is a busy job - never make that mistake. It's not a Ron Popeil "Set-it-and-forget-it" proposition. It takes time and constant updating to make it a MONEY-MAKER. So start with a calendar to provide guidance and motivation. You'll be glad you did.

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BarbaraBC Premium
Thanks for information. And a well written and interesting article. Barb
megawinner Premium
Great input. Beautiful idea. Thanks.
KayOSmith Premium
Wow! I like this! In fact, reading it gave me more ideas for my own - not set in stone, I have to work through those ideas to figure out exactly what I'm meaning to myself so that I know how to go about it. But, ideas, nonetheless! :)
This will help a lot to get some more organization into my own blogging. Thank you so much!
Fleeky Premium
Hi,Don! Excellent idea.

September is awefuly buzzy with back to school, fall nearing, temperatures dropping, work to be done in the garden and so much more... and pinning activities down helps keep the road...

Have a great week