Don't Get Discouraged - Look at Your Competition

Last Update: October 07, 2018

When you're just starting your blog, it's really easy to get discouraged. You think that everyone knows more, everyone has more skills, everyone has a better niche, a better URL, everyone is further along in the process . . . blah blah. But I'm tellin' ya, all you really need to do is FOCUS ON YOUR CONTENT. Produce good quality content, from beginning to end, following the instructions on the foundational lessons, and you'll be 85% further along than most of what I see out there.

Seriously, have you LOOKED at your competition? Because I have. I search for recipes frequently and I can't even get through 1/4 of an article before I find some huge error. Oh, the page LOOKS lovely - fancy graphics, neat fonts, yadda yadda. But their recipes are flat-out unworkable! I know they haven't actually baked them. And because of that, they'll fall away eventually. No one trusts a site that delivers bad recipes.

So . . . DON'T BE THAT SITE. Deliver good quality, well-researched content. People will return to you again and again. They'll share your posts with others, because they trust you. And you'll rise up in the Google rankings not through whiz-bang trickery, but hard work and diligence. Hang in there!

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Johanna29 Premium
I agree! Part of why I finally got started. So many times I try to read a blog, shake my head at the errors and broken links, and think--I could do that!