Siterubix sites can get traffic. Boy can they get traffic.

Last Update: Jul 21, 2018


Here is an interesting picture for you.

This image might be a bit small so I annotated it. (or you can zoom in)

As you can see, over the last month, my site has steadily improved and has received 6,383 unique visitors. 4,201 of them came from search engines.

Clearly then, siterubix can work very well with SEO. It might take a little while longer than having your own domain, but boy can it work well.

(this site was made in November, and I have been off and on with it for months. I kept abandoning it thinking it wasn't something I could make money from, and I was busy with other sites, but when you are getting this kind of traffic you find it hard to truly quit something)

All I did for this site was follow the WA training. The content wasn't even that great.

Can't show you the actual site now, because I have just upgraded it to my own domain, but as an afterthought I decided to show you the stats. If you are worried your siterubix site is going to fail. It won't fail you if you follow your training.

Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing Dom, gives me a glimmer of hope!

I was a bit of a noob back then so you can easily do better than I have

wowow! that is really encouraging! I just did my first little siterubix site last week. andI am anxious to see if it will get any results at all!

it might take you a few more weeks to really notice results, but stick at it and you will get them

Thanks, very interesting and informative,

Thanks for reading Hudson

Thanks Dom for the post.

no problem :)

Very Encouraging post. Especially for us that are Starter members and cant afford our own domain yet. Hope you keep succeeding

right back at you:)

Good to know. I've been wondering if I should just buy a domain, or use this, since I don't know what's in the future. This makes me feel better about going this route first, while I learn. Thanks for the info, and congrats.

well if you did buy a domain and it failed, you would only be out of pocket $10, but siterubix is a great testing ground

Very nice work, I agree with the masses thanks for sharing,

I'm glad it is so popular

Congratulations Dom! Thanks for sharing.

That's awesome.. congratulations! Always great to hear a success story. Also gives us newbies a nice little boost of confidence too ~)

yeah definitely. I often see people asking how good a siterubix site can be, so I wanted to let people know

This is awesome Dom and thanks for sharing. I In the PPC world, if you were to pay for this traffic in Google Adwords or Bing, 4200 clicks to cost you between $2000 and $4000+ (Based on $0.50 - $1.00 cpc).

Keep on pushing forward with the site, Google obviously feels that you are an authority in the niche and I'm sure that a lot of the content you post will be ranked quickly.

Nice work!!

Hadn't thought about it in terms of PPC, that is pretty impressive then! As a means of monetizing it I might find some companies in that niche who want to place adverts on it, as adsense doesn't always generate a lot of clicks. Showing them how much traffic my site gets would definitely help.

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