A few days ago I passed the 3 year mark at Wealthy Affiliate, and I was planning to do a standard "What I learned this year" post.

However, I also owe the community a "How I got here" type post as a thank you for their help getting me featured on Entrepreneur.com, but that's going to be beyond the scope of a single blog post, so I'm going to make that as a training, and keep this one short (ish)

Fast Cars Go Quickly, Businesses Don't

Supercars always brag about how fast they can go from 0 to 60. It's usually something like oh I dunno...10 seconds. Is that fast? Sounds fast anyway.

With a business...3 years to get from $0 to anything sounds pretty slow, but that doesn't make it any less attractive, at least not to me.

Last month (July) I passed $10,000 for the month for the first time ever. I'm roughly on course to repeat that feat again in August, so I can at least feel like it's stable.

Some people might look at that and think "Wow, I want $10,000 a month!" but may be put off by the fact it took three years.

Others will think it's fine, afterall, three years is nothing in exchange for financial freedom.

What if I told you that this time last year I was barely making $2,000 a month? In fact, it took me over 1.5 years to make $1,000 a month.

At the start of 2015, I probably only had $1,000 in savings as well (I did invest a lot of my earnings back into the business), but about 30 minutes ago, I paid off the remainder of my Student Loan debt in one fell swoop (It was about $10k remaining). So far this year I also bought an engagement ring (got engaged in March), flew back home to the UK, flew to Thailand, bought a Macbook Pro and still have some money to spare. This isn't to brag, it's just to show how quickly things can take off. I had pretty much been broke from 2010 until now.

Basically, in a very short time, things have taken off for me and those 2 and a half years of sweat and hard work are paying off and then some.

I guess a business is less like a sports car and more like a Rolls Royce. It might not accelerate quickly, but it cruises like a beast.

Don't Worry About How Long It's Taking

Seriously. Who cares how long it takes? As long as you can keep going, and get through the burnouts, you'll reach some level of success.

Burnouts WILL come. Those days when you wake up in the morning and feel so depressed you don't want to log in to WA.

Days when your affiliate commissions seem to be stuck on zero. Is the dial broken or is it just a bit cold out here in the internet?

What you need to do is think to yourself the following:

If I keep at this, I will succeed sooner or later.

Things Click And Then They Fire

Click. Bang.

I once saw Labman say something along the lines of:

"First you are unconsciously incompetent". You are a beginner, you're useless (no offence) and you don't even know why.

"Next you are consciously incompetent". You're still a bit useless but you know what you need to do and learn. Woop.

"Then you are consciously competent". You're doing the right things and you know roughly why. Keep doing this, this is good.

"Finally you are unconsciously competent", basically you got the Midas touch and there's a lot of gold floating around.

Does this make sense? As you learn more and go through the stages, stuff gets a lot easier, and when it clicks for you (and it WILL), boy does it click.

It's A Steep Curve

Here's a rough breakdown (I'm doing this from my anal retentive memory so some things may be slightly off) of how much I earned since January 2013. The point of this is to show you how steep the learning curve is, and how steep the income suddenly goes up.

I didn't include the end of 2012 because I was basically a noobie doobie and any money I made was flukey wukey.

Jan 13: $50

Feb: $50

March: $100

April: $120

May: $200

June: $300

July: $450

August: $700

September: $600

October: $650

November: $750

December: $750

I started to get worried towards the end of 2013 that I had worked sooo long and kind of slowed down and stopped earning. I started HumanProofDesigns in August and it didn't really turn into the business I had hoped until much later.

Jan 14: $650

Feb: $500

March: $800

April: $900

May: $1,000 WOOOO

June: $$1,100 ish

July: $1000

August: $2,100

September: $2,500

Octoboer: $2,000

November: $2,700

December: $1,500

December had been pretty disappointing because it turns out people don't want to buy websites in December, so I finished the year happy with my progress, but worried that I had reached a plateau. I was also annoyed that I didn't hit my target of $3k a month.

Things were about to change...

January 15: $4,500

February 15: $3,500 (my lowest month in 2015 would have seemed amazing in 2014)

March: $6,500

April: $5,000

May: $5,500

June: $8,500

July: $10,000+

August: ???

Do you see what I mean when I say it accelerates quickly once things get going?

I do keep planning to write a long training post explaining some of the things that got me here and what made the difference to my business, and I have got it saved as a draft somewhere, but I feel like it needs to be so epic, I drag my feet about writing it!

So for now, I'll just sprinkle some inspiration your way :)

Thanks WA, good times.

Edit: Here's the follow-up post I talked about. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/domw/blog/the-story-of-how-networking-with-others-led-directly-to-my-success

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number1wastudent Premium
What niche and what steps did you take to get this volume?
80% of the income came from humanproofdesigns so I'll say that niche. The steps I took were basically what is taught here, but also a lot of outreach. I basically taught people what I know, taught them how to do what they wanted to do, and gave them the option to hire me to do it for them. This is why outreach was important, because once other influencers started recommending me and giving me "airtime" on their sites, it was a lot easier for people to trust me.
Jcross93 Premium
Great achievement, give us newbies something to aim for and get inspired by. Thanks for this.

All the Best J
NathalieJG Premium
Great accomplishment!
I am very happy for you.
And, thank you for the inspirational story.
GrahamHod Premium
This is a great share thanks :)
HoraceT Premium
This is great motivation for me. I'm in it to win it!
AdrianPrince Premium
This is a real inspirational story and I can take some comfort from what you've been through.
shermand2268 Premium
Thank you for the inspiration!
ClarkTan Premium
This is truly inspiring! I was once blinded that success will come within just months but i came soon to realize that success in business comes in years!
A colleague of mine has made over $1m/yr for the last 2 years.

During his first 3 years he posted twice a day, 7 days a week, non-stop, without a single sale.

As they say, it takes a lot of time to become an overnight success.
LindseySam Premium
Congratulations to you! Hoping that I can have the same success!
Tasna Premium
Thanks so much for your inspiration. Your site looks great! ;)

It's easy for me to get down on myself from a financial aspect because I'm lively from an engaging, physical interaction. Positive in nature, try to be there for others for advice. My finances don't reflect my life attitude. And you scratch your head, ONLY, if you keep it to head scratching.

I love that you were/are resilient brother. Most definitely I look up to those like you and admire your story.
andreabobby Premium
"I guess a business is less like a sports car and more like a Rolls Royce. It might not accelerate quickly, but it cruises like a beast."

I like that!
It's actually more like an aircraft.
sovani Premium
Great post!
True inspiration coming from hard work!
mybiz4u Premium Top 50
Awesome and inspiring, Dom. Thanks so much for your sharing. Continued success.
Kyleprice20 Premium
This is incredible and great to read. The progress was amazing and motivating. Thank you for the post.:)
Have you read the follow up?