PLEASE URGENT computer HELP! Data recovery software :)

PLEASE URGENT computer HELP! Data recovery software :)

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Can you help?

I just accidentally permanently deleted my 2 VERY important businesses folders from my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know of a solution or SAFE data

You can use an effective and advance data recovery software to recover all deleted or lost data. Few days ago, i faced same problem then i used a reliable and use-friendly data recovery software. you can also use it. Visit

Thanks for your comment! I first used Undelete+, but went with Recuva after a member suggestion. It took a long time finding all the files, but obviously worthwhile! :)

First of all don't panic. When you delete a file it isn't really deleted. I have a solution for you. You can download a free program. The link below looks like you have to pay but you don't. Just click download and a free option will display. Let me know how you get on.

I have used it before and know it works. :)

THANK YOU! I didn't want the files to be overwritten! :0 I started with Undelete Plus, but when it came time to recover, they wanted 40$. I'm desperate, yet frugal. ;) I'm going to download the software you suggested right away! Ouf!

Let me know if you get sorted. There are other programs but this one is my fav. Might do a video review on my website lol.

Well after almost 3 hours, I have recovered 60 files related to my offline business and 173 WA files!

I had to search deep. Thankfully, I remembered the names of some of the files and I played around with paths.

Some files are still missing, but my head isn't anymore, lol!

Thanks again for coming to the rescue, I appreciate your help! :)

My pleasure, glad you got sorted.

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FREE video editing program suggestions please!  :)

FREE video editing program suggestions please! :)

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Video Marketing

Hi all,

I'm looking for a free video editing program that you know is great and not spammy. ;)

I could not find the answer I am looking for in the search results he

see you have been given some good advice

Besides Camtasia which is especially great for capturing and editing video I also like Photodex ProShow Producer:

I don't know if trial version is limited in any way.

Windows Movie Maker (or whatever is it called these days) is quite fine for basic glueing together the video, for subtitles and for DVD production. So give it a try too...

Thank you! I will check out Photodex. It's true that Windows Movie Maker will be easy for DVD production and I do need this option.

Hi Genevieve,

Finding a video editing program that is better than the camera's provided software AND is free will certainly be a challenge.

What you can do is download some paid software as most of them have 30 day trials.

My suggestions would be:
* Camtasia (mac or pc)
* Screenflow (pc)
* Adobe Premiere Elements (mac or pc)

All of these have 30 day trials where you can essentially get what you need done prior to the expiry.


Thanks for your suggestions!

Hihi, I guess I was asking for the impossible! But a 30 day trial falls into the free category, I like that. I will check each of them to see what suits me.

The video editing for the camera is boring, I'm not doing a Spielberg film here, but I wanted a few extras. ;)

Assuming you are not Mac, then you could try windows live movie maker, part of windows live essentials...if you don't have 7 or later..

Serif Movie Plus starter edition will do the job pretty well as well, IMO it is free, and the full program is pretty good, but you will get most things done (separate audio and multiple video tracks, split/trim, various transitions and a whole bunch more:

Thank you Andy!

Good assumption, using Windows, I did not even think of the movie maker. Never heard of the Serif Movie Plus, but again free sounds good to me.

So far I've downloaded all the options you and Jay suggested, I'll elect the winner once I take a tour. ;)

Jay is certainly right about the full features in the trial versions, there are more..good luck!

Ha! More for my buck (sort of speak). ;)
I'll check these out first. Thanks!

Thanks Andy! I ended choosing Serif Movie Plus.
Not so free afterall, lol. Of course, all the features I wanted to use were in the upgrade so I ended up buying the software! Ah well, fair price, now I just have to come up with other video projects to make it worth while. ;)

Dude, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Phoning that lot always results in better prices. I have a strategy for keeping savvy and getting the best out of them, a whole new post about relationship marketing and how to use it to your advantage...

If you get stuck PM me, I might be able to help.

I use for bona fide royalty free music, the attribution is easy, and I have never had any issues.

Best, Andy

Look at you Mr. effective, an answer to a problen AND a post idea! Thanks! Since you are inspired, maybe I should have you ghost write it for me. ;)

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Unknowingly opted out a type of notification?

Unknowingly opted out a type of notification?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Is it possible I unknowingly opted out of receiving a type of notification (green square planet)?

I don't receive all types of notifications like I used to, only conversat

See you have received the answer from Pat hope the issue has been resolved

Nope, even as helpful as Pat is, that's unfortunately not the issue/answer I needed. :0

useful thread, thanks for posting! Andy

If I had found an answer, than it would be useful! ;)

yea, sorry about that, a bit rushed from my side- I should have added that I had a similar thing happen in a different area- I brushed the mousepad...cue a couple of hours of cursing...sorry not to be more help

Hey thanks, nobody seems to know how to fix this, it might remain an unsolved mystery. ;) Maybe I'll just wait for it's comeback!

Look at your menu in the left column. Go all the way down to Account Settings and click on it. Then scroll down until you see Notifications. There's a long list there with boxes you can check for the notifications you want to receive by email. Hope this helps.


Thanks Pat! :) My email notifications are ok, it's the ones on the WA platform that are incomplete. I probably opted out of something, now I'm trying to figure out how to opt-in!

can't you opt back in on the blue icon ''actions''

No, that would be great, like an opt-out/opt-in option, but no such thing to my knowledge.

Hmmmmm !

I know!

Think I lost the plot LOL.

Lol. There is no apparent solution, you didn't miss much. ;)

I'm sure they will sort it soon.

what about the blue icon after you press the green notifications icon

No, no luck. :( Thanks for the suggestions. :)

see above there is a set of 4 icons, right under the word Unknowingly,
A blue rectangle with a white cog and a white triangle, next to it is a white rectangle with a sign of a link and the word affiliate in black text, followed by a green rectangle with a speech box and a number seven in white text and then another blue rectangle with an envelope and a zero in white, yes you can, well the first triangle with the cog and the triangle on is the one to click on. I f you can't follow this then you must be in a smokey room LOL

Lol, no not a smokey room or even being tired! I thought you were talking about icons outside this post.
Now that I see it, with it I can edit my post, delete it, or remove myself from it! Not an option. :)

So are you saying your green planet icon is gone?

Nope, it's there, but it does not include all types of notifications like it used to. I only get notifications about conversations I was a part of.

It has been this way for 1-2 weeks now. I used to get notifications from all members, new and old, all subjects, classes, etc...

So I'm thinking I must have hit a button along the way! ;)

You may want to PM Kyle about this. Hope you get it resolved soon.

Thanks! Yeah I may have to. It's not a ''huge'' deal, but it was a convenient tool to see what's going on within the WA community.

Well do you see the white cog in the blue rectangle above, click on that. its to the right of the green getting started banner.

Thanks for the help, although I have no idea what rectangle you are referring to, lol! ;)

go to your setting under your picture and turn on notification or check your filters you have

Thanks Wayne! All my email notifications are ok and checked. It's my little green planet where I am missing out on some notifications.

you must upgrade to premium bro

I'm already premium, thanks for the reply nonetheless. :)

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Tech nerd needed!  Which tablet (inexpensive) would you suggest?

Tech nerd needed! Which tablet (inexpensive) would you suggest?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I want to buy a tablet so I can spend more/flexible time on my website and WA :)

I looked on Amazon and Ebay, some are around 50 to 70$, those prices are alright with me!<

Great, thanks for your input!
I'm watching a galaxy tab 3, galaxy note 8.0 and an Ipad mini. Should make my choice in a few minutes. :)

I have a galaxy tab 3 and I think it's worth the money and they are more exspensive in the UK £200. for 8 inch.

This article may help you decide:

The least you will want to add is an external keyboard, if you plan to do any writing at all. Unless you are an experienced texter, typing on my Samsung tablet is a hassle.

Thank you! I was actually just checking some reviews on this site, coincidence. :)

Well, I just read pretty bad reviews for the Google Android Tablet and the Matricom prizm, etc... :(

I'll be going for an Ipad mini or Samsung galaxy 3 afterall, damn why is quality pricey!?! Wish me luck on my eBay bidding. :)

was thinking the same thing. I have a alot of electronic trade stores in my area. I dont know where u are but if your in philly there is a store on south street called "cex". I go there for all my used electronics...its a great store.
I really dont do Ebay for electronics because it's a personal exchange but to each it's own
Good luck

Thanks for the advice! I'm north of the border. :( I always look online because it's ''easier'' time wise. Maybe I should get out of the house and find a good deal! :)

yea there are a lot of local stores everywhere that does trades/used electronics. you could also save on shipping cost ;)

iPad all day every day. Cost makes no matter. Apple backs up their products and in the end, if you're using this for your business and not just another device for email and gaming, this is an investment. You want quality technology and support when you need it.....

I agree fully, but 300$ today, that's a lot. Maybe when I'm a wealthy affiliate! ;)

I totally understand the $ factor. I'm not a wealthy affiliate yet either... :)

I find Apple products to be good if you've already got one or two of them as they all sync to each other... (iTunes, Calendar, etc...)

However, I do not necessarily think that the actual Apple product is as awesome as everyone makes it out to be... (Coming from someone who owns a MacBook, iPod and iPad Mini) I've had my fair share of frustrations and Apple is not very helpful in general...

Sorry to hear you had "unhelpful" experience with Apple. My experience is the exact opposite.

Apple went way above and beyond for me a few months ago. They couldn't save my hard drive (not for lack of effort) but they did rescue all of my files and replaced the drive. They didn't charge me a penny for the drive or the support calls and labor, even though my warranty was long expired (!!!)

I had a problem with my iPhone shortly after that. They replaced the phone only to discover it was not the phone at all, but the service plan that was to blame. The Apple tech resolved it directly with the plan provider, even though that was not his job to do, and I walked away a happy happy happy customer.

Sorry for getting on my soapbox, but that's the kind of support I'm willing to pay more for. As a consumer that keeps my loyalty. As an entrepreneur, that's a lesson I keep really close to me.

In that case, I'm very happy for you :)

I prefer my ipad mini but you still need to get internet access at a price

Do you have a free one for me? ;)

not at the moment sorry :(

My advice is don't go for the cheapest, they tend to be allwinner a13 1ghz processors running android 4.0, and you will be using it as a paperweight.

sorry that was over my head, what do you recomend as a good one ;-)

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, that's what most of them are, even the Google Android Tablet is no good?

put a link to what you've found on ebay, I'll take a look

Difficult to advise! I am a computer technician, I just got myself a samsung galaxy tab 3, it's nice but use it for website work? Not easy. The tablets you have listed, maybe the second in the list is ok, but I would really take a good think about how you are going to use it and what you expect it to do first, before you thrown your money away. maybe others can say if they use their tablets for WA work?

Thank you Craig, I appreciate you taking the time to look these up.

I would use it for basic little tweaks, and WA community help, internet, etc...I saw some Ipad mini's for 300$, the Samsung's seem to be around the same price range.

Ah, to splurge or not, that is the question! ;)

An American friend of mine bought one in Walmart, I think it's called a nextbook, he was impressed with it until he dropped it! But it was under $100.

I use my iPad Mini when traveling and it works great for that... But I like a 'big screen' and try to use my laptop whenever possible...

I also find it hard to really work on my website because of the images (downloading, copying, pasting, etc...) and I like to write my blogs in a Word Doc and then copy to blog page.

I know you're looking for something cheap, but if this is going to be a real investment, perhaps consider the Surface or something like that... Very transportable, versatile and easy to use. (Assuming you don't already have a laptop and that you currently use a desktop...)

Thank you TravelHacker!
I'm a laptop user (desktops are too big!), so I'm thinking the Ipad mini would be good enough.
See that's the thing, you always start at the fairly priced product/ program and end up being THE item $$$! LOL.

Hi Genevieve....I would also love to know the answer to this question. Because I am also not an expert...and I need to buy one. :)

Haha, tablets are popular today!

I think my G tab 3 runs android 4.2

Interested in seeing the experts take on this, have been thinking about maybe doing the same :-)

I'm currently watching 2-3 on Ebay, the bidding will end in a few hours. There's one Google tablet and the other brand is Tablet PC, hum?

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What's this ''beep''? Anybody know this guy:Prosperity team

What's this ''beep''? Anybody know this guy:Prosperity team

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I was just PM'd the following by a random member:

Sounds like to are ready to start making some real money online!

''Hey I found this free training that

Yes, please report the spam. It is not tolerated here at all. Best regards.

Good! Done and done.

Just a note on that website. It is listed as malicious and blockedby some viral protection software.

Really!? Lol, where there you have it, says it all! ;)

I get those in my inbox all the time and it seems like all affiliate programs are trying so hard to get us to leave WA NO WAY! they are not anything like WA "WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD"!! And i'm proud to be a family member to this community! Do like i do hon DELETE! I'm fighting one through my bank . I signed up with them 3 mths ago and went to BBB and found out they were a scam! and that's where i found WA on the BBB #! Well that company used my card again. But my bank and i did a dispute so money should be back in soon! So just be careful and Delete
Your friend, Patty

Thanks Patty! Sorry to hear about the card problem you had, thankfully your bank has been working with you and not against you. You're right, ''we are the best in the world'', nobody will have me join so bogus program. I'm very loyal to WA and don't want to hear about scams in my inbox!

In your inbox there is an 'Actions' button where you can report spam. I'd definitely report it. We don't want spam in WA.


Great, I'll take ''action'' for sure! Thanks to the both of you for your comment. :)

Tell every one RUN RUN RUN!!!!! AWAY!!!!!

Lol! That's pretty much the first thought that came to mind when I finally saw his site!

oh never had this do not think they should be doing that agree with ptran38 if it is such a good secret why share in this way

Smells fraudy from a mile away, I just didn't like getting this in my WA inbox.
This here is the real deal and we know it! :)

If they have a secret to tell you... That's when you run away. If it's such a secret and you're make soooo much money then why do you need to tell me.

That's a good one, I like that.

Agreed! Good one, I don't know what this so called ''WA'' member wants with them anyways. It actually says on their profile that they are new at this and know nothing. There's your answer! ;)

Thanks for the heads-up. And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water lol

Haha, you never know who's out there!

EN.... Yikes!

Lol! I guess it is well known, but not for the rights reasons! ;)

That's Empower Network. Leave well alone.

No worries, I wasn't going to bother. :) Thanks for the info!

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