Winter is Here

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Winter is Early

I'm glad that it is. I avoid the snow and stay indoors. This is a great opportunity for me. I pursue my studies here at Wealthy Affiliate. Even better I am finishing the overhaul to the two bathrooms in my humble double wide.

I'm excited to refocus on my goal to complete Bootcamp and OEC. I have decided on my niche for my second website. I have not begun posting on that one yet. I will soon, before year's end.

Even better!

I received good news from the specialist i have been seeing. We have resolved the issue I had with my blood work. I am thankful that the specialist, an older doctor like me. I am pleased he listened to me and agreed to the simplest approach.

Thanks for all the caring, love, and support from everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate. You lift me up and keep me on track.


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timstime20 Premium
That is great news ... about the health
Winter got us this last couple of days
White everywhere
Stay Strong
CMKetay Premium
Winter jumped up in San Antonio this morning, as well. Our cars were covered with were the roads. I'll take piles of snow over ice any day. But I love the idea of hunkering down with the computer and focusing on WA. May have to do that myself! Thanks for sharing, Dave!

Tmgreen Premium
Seems winter is coming early in a lot of places. We went from 65 yesterday to 29 today here in the SE US.


Twack Premium
Enjoy the warmth of the indoors and the progress you are making.
Nancy29 Premium
I always prefer to try simple first when it comes to health issues. It gives your body a chance to do it's job. Glad you have a doctor willing to hear what you have to say.