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November 18, 2019
On Practice I recently replied to a post on practice, and I had wanted to include a video. I didn’t know how. This is my next attempt at including a video in my Wealth Affiliate blog. The video shows the result of one year of practice learnng to dance.Try it here
November 12, 2019
Winter is EarlyI'm glad that it is. I avoid the snow and stay indoors. This is a great opportunity for me. I pursue my studies here at Wealthy Affiliate. Even better I am finishing the overhaul to the two bathrooms in my humble double wide. I'm excited to refocus on my goal to complete Bootcamp and OEC. I have decided on my niche for my second website. I have not begun posting on that one yet. I will soon, before year's end.Even better!I received good news from the specialist i have been seein
November 09, 2019
Yes, It's a StruggleI’ve been struggling lately with my commitment here at Wealthy Affiliate. My struggle lies in worry about the future, about expenses, and health. Since no one knows about the future, or even if we have one, I’m ruling that out. Expenses are another matter. Yesterday, I had to spend over $600 on our car and another $400 is coming soon. This happens with black Friday coming soon. It’s left me with the “how do I” questions and a bit of a dent in my
November 07, 2019
Yeah, that's me. I've made it part-way through Boot Camp in 5 months. Today, I've spent 4 hours on SEO within my posts. I'm not happy with my niche, yet. And before I entertain changing it, I am going t finish Bootcamp. Honestly, I see folks who have been here a month or two and they have a complete training and created a lot of content be other here on this blog and on their websites.I applaud their successes even as I wonder why I work at a turtle's pace. It's a mystery to me. how they do it.
November 02, 2019
I bought itYou asked about the barn in my photo. I bought it 3 years ago when I retired. Here are a few images I took after delivery.The interior was unfinished.That was up to me and my son-in-law.We added insulation and electric which is not shown.That was followed by drywall and paint.We tiled the workbench, a place where I work with Aromatherapy. Here you can see one light and electric.At the moment, I am using teh barn for a place to paint my cabinet doors. When these are done, it's back to
November 02, 2019
This MorningThere was frost on the pumpkins, although I don’t have any pumpkins. I’m not sure when snow may come to Ohio or when the ground will freeze. Before that time, I'll wrap up my home improvement projects for this season. The cabinets 90% repainted, and after I complete that job, the new floor moldings will go on. The kitchen and both bathrooms will be repainted after that. I should do all in 6 weeks at most and sooner, I hope.I plan to move in two years to a smaller place w
November 02, 2019
78 EmailsAll of them from WA. Every post, every comment, every training, and every review. I wonder how these all get answered.Yesterday I read, commented, answered, and reviewed over 50 emails and when I thought i was throught that pile, more kept popping in.BreakfastI'm preparing the morning meal, and after I have some painting to do. After that, I'll be back.My next tasks will be placing pins on Pinterest as part of my bootcamp training. By late afternoon, I'll be back to emails. Perhaps som
October 31, 2019
I have my squirrels, and i suppose most of you have yours. Mine may well be age related and I wonder if I would even know if I had a bit of dementia mixed with daily activities. Ignorance could be bliss.However, I have adjusted my priorities here. The very first thing I do as I come online is to complete steps within my posts. I'm half wat through boot camp. I learn something net in the training and then implement in my posts or on my site. and then it sometimes happens:There he is distracting
October 29, 2019
Style UpdatesSome if us witnessed the change in style over the years. Changes in clothing may be outrageous in women’s clothing and subtle and unchanging in men’s clothing. I’ve seen huge changes in automobiles from the 50s and 60s. There was a huge focus on rocketry and the space race and that manifested the style of automobiles.Most cars nowadays seem obsessed with looking like each other. There are a few that keep to their unique styling, and I for one, applaud their decis
October 28, 2019
Working at home X 2Today I am here at WA part of the day. I've been here 2 hours so far. After a bit of breakfast, I begin painting in the main bathroom. All my old brown-wood cabinets will be painted shiny white as shown above.Why am I painting? Good question. It's not because I am bored, but because I am getting read to downsize and get this place ready to sell. Mostly because there's only satellite internet here in my neighborhood in Clinton County Ohio and this slows my ability here at WA.S