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January 03, 2020
I started the "content rich keywords" section in OEC. Moving to Site Content after watching the video, I began creating my first content rich keyword post.The writing process is straightforward, like teh old preacher's guideline for a sermon.Tell them what you'll tell them.Then Tell themFinally, tell them what you told them.ORIntrodutionBlocks of contentConclusionBelieve it or not, this was taught in school and later again in college.How I could have forgotten is unclear, but I forgot this basi
January 01, 2020
2020Some say that whatever you are doing on the first day of the New Year will set the pace for the year to come. The benefit of 2020 is the extra day we have because it’s a Leap Year! How does it get any better than that!Slow and Steady is my pace and will be my pace. I’ve changed direction from Boot Camp to OEC. Boot camp offers the best commissions and recurring commissions, but OEC seems to give me better opportunities in nearly endless niche markets.Began OEC level 2Yesterday,
December 31, 2019
I earned my first Certification badge and I’m celebrating! Also, celebrating because yesterday was my 70th birthday and I’m still feeling good. I'm ready to make it a great year here at Wealthy Affiliate.I have my niche and I have my first affiliate agreement within my niche. I have more to add. I’ll continue with the OEC training and learning from members here at WA. Happy New Year Everyone!Dave
December 26, 2019
After reading the posts on ADA compliance, I went back to my "parked" Boot Camp website and went through all the posts. Finding errors in the alt-image titles I corrected them. My focus is now going back to OEC, where I am early into the training. Today, I began with the menu structure and custom menu items.I'm excited about creating content and writing reviews. There will be updates.Tomorrow I am meeting with granddaughter and her hubby before they return to Ann Arbor,I'll get to work after I
December 24, 2019
And a Happy New Year!
December 22, 2019
You Gotta Have GoalsZig Ziglar is one of my all-time favorite motivators. He put great concepts into his homespun southern dialect, and I loved every word. I borrowed one of his stories, I’m sure he didn’t mind, when I gave a short speech at a Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony. The short speeches are known as the Scoutmaster’s Minute and usually given at the endo f a meeting, a campfire, or a ceremony.The New Eagle Scout earned most of his rank in my troop and the boy, Andy asked me to
December 21, 2019
Almost six months in my premium membership and I've begun working on OEC.The training tells me to pick a niche that I am passionate about. My choice is natural health primarily on hypnosis and aromatherapy, but I am willing to refine that choice or pick new one as I learn more. I’ll “park” by Boot Camp progress until later.I have the website. I have my theme and plugins. And My about page is nearly finished.As I complete more and add content, I’ll share my progress in th
December 19, 2019
Of you who know me also know I am starting over in the OEC training.I have a couple of items complete. I have a website that is read and waiting for me to add content.As I go through the training, I will strive to complete each task and learn what I need to learn.Everything in order to the best of my ability. No hurry. I’ll also update blogs here to get in the habit of writing content, continuing to avoid many emails and all social media until it’s time.For now, firs things first, I
December 18, 2019
Why Change CourseYou may know from my posts and lack of them that I have struggled with Boot Camp. From many of you I’ve had tremendous support and feedback on my work so far. Even so, I am stuck about halfway through Boot Camp, finding content creation difficult. When I go back and examine what I have done, I realize that my niche was not well thought out. Add to that I kept trying to move forward.ResetI reset the training and started Boot Camp again and I did make some progress. Everyth
December 17, 2019
What Struggle?I have been having doubts with content creation and I wonder if others going through similar doubts. Like so many began with confidence because I knew the training was great. While I haven’t studied very many other trainings, I do find this one is the best.My struggle is with content in a couple of ways. First is my niche. I began an affiliate boot camp and pick the first thing that came to mind. It may not be all that good. Some feedback I got tell me it’s a great mat