Priorities and the Squirrel

Last Update: October 31, 2019

I have my squirrels, and i suppose most of you have yours. Mine may well be age related and I wonder if I would even know if I had a bit of dementia mixed with daily activities. Ignorance could be bliss.

However, I have adjusted my priorities here. The very first thing I do as I come online is to complete steps within my posts. I'm half wat through boot camp. I learn something net in the training and then implement in my posts or on my site. and then it sometimes happens:

There he is distracting my attention.

Home improvement, cooking meals, preparing speeches for Toastmasters, and grocery shopping - always a half day event. Whew!.

My new plan is to review my posts first, blog here second, and save email until last. I'm certain I will do better.

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MLorenz1 Premium
I like your plan, also your profile picture .

DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Marion
Twack Premium
It does seem as though they are rampant all over WA. 😉
DMahen1 Premium
And my house and my yard....
timstime20 Premium
Good stuff...
HeidiAnders3 Premium
You can do it!!! Silly squirrels...🐿
CMKetay Premium
Awesome post. Our squirrels really need to get together! Christine
DMahen1 Premium
Gotta love 'em