Last Update: November 02, 2019

78 Emails

All of them from WA. Every post, every comment, every training, and every review. I wonder how these all get answered.

Yesterday I read, commented, answered, and reviewed over 50 emails and when I thought i was throught that pile, more kept popping in.


I'm preparing the morning meal, and after I have some painting to do. After that, I'll be back.

My next tasks will be placing pins on Pinterest as part of my bootcamp training.

By late afternoon, I'll be back to emails.

Perhaps some will comment on how you get it all done.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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j52powell Premium
I spend several hours every day reading and responding to emails here at WA.
DMahen1 Premium
Thank You
Talk2Ray Premium
Don't let it overwhelm you David. It sounds like you have a good priority system set up.
Set aside time to read the emails and respond, but don't let it fill your day or else nothing else will get done.
They are an important part of helping you understand and be encouraged or to encourage others along the way.
I try to review as many emails as time allots, answer some and then move on to other things that are necessary to build your site and business.
It can be overwhelming but I try not to let it overwhelm me.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Ray. I will set aside a specific amount of time for emails, and that after I do my website work for the day.
jojocinq Premium
I wonder the same thing
Fleeky Premium
You can set those off
Go to your profile> Account settings
Down under You can set email options to no
DMahen1 Premium
Fleeky, does that switch all email off or can they be selective.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very slowly, unfortunately, unless you adjust the settings to keep the email from appearing!