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Last Update: February 18, 2020

Progress is Slow

I’m making progress on the home repairs and myself. The main bathroom is almost done, about 2 weeks to go. The project after that is the kitchen. It’s a larger room and surface to repair and paint, but it too will be done by May.

I’ve done some soul searching, attempting to face an issue I have been avoiding. You all know I am stalled on my website and writing content. While I am finally getting a bit better at SEO, I have lost interest in what I write, my niche. As I think about it, maybe I never had an interest.. As I realize this, I’ve been searching for those things I am interested in.

As I reach through my memories, I am not finding much. Hobbies and interests aren’t there. Somewhere in the 40 years of work I stayed busy: working for a family to provide for my kids. I dabbled in much bet never stayed with anything outside of my full-time job.

I’m trying to discover where I can generate interest. One reason I am here is because I’ve grown up using computers for work, from the DOS day until present. At one time I became close to formal training, but my employer didn’t see the value in it.

I developed health issues over the years, and I gained an interest in natural health, essential oils, hypnosis, hands-on healing, and more. I practiced as a hypnotist for a few years, but have no clients now.

I’m Looking for

I’m looking for ways to generate new interests that I can learn to enjoy well enough to write about.

Do any of you have ideas that may help? I’m eager to hear.

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AlexandraT11 Premium
Natural health, essential oils, hypnosis - these are all current subjects that are so popular - maybe share your knowledge on those.

If you ever google what sort of things to you look at? Maybe go from there.

I hope you find something and can really throw yourself into it.

Take care.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Alexandra
AdamBrzowski Premium
I don't know if you have any kids or grand kids. If you do and one of them was sitting right in front of you talking to you. What would you be talking about. Would it be current events? Would it be something from the past?

I find telling your story can be an effective way to get ideas that you are passionate about. When I tell my personal stories to my air conditioning customers they get so engaged and intrigued. In the process I come up with niches that I am passionate about.

I had one of those moments this morning while talking to my son as I was feeding our pet fish. You see my son is very interested in animals and we found some baby fish in our yard after a hurricane in September.

He wanted to keep them so we went and bought a tank. Here we are several months later and our center piece in our living room is our tank. We all enjoy watching the fish.

As we are watching the fish and discussing how much they have grown and how well our tank is doing I thought, hey here is a niche! So now I am in the process of starting another site in the fish tank niche.

I find the things we talk about most with others is our biggest passions.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, good advice!
TNunn1 Premium
Hey Dave, my main interest is all those things that happen to us in our life between the ages of 45 and 90 plus. So many people are having to deal with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, end of life documents, etc. Many of our friends come to us about advice in these areas. Take a look at that area and see if it stirs your interest. You can help a lot of people just telling them about your experiences. Tony
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Tony. I've started some content around Social Security and issues we face.
my100free Premium
Hi DaMahen You have a complicated case but not new. Many people would have faced the same issues. The main issue to me is the INTEREST. May be you did not really had interest in the niche, in the first place. It's important that you have a real strong honest interest on which your mind will firmly lock. With weak interest, your mind will just hoover over it wandering whether it is worth bothering about. You may have sit down make up your mind what you really want and with strong determination and just DO it.
Or else you may have to reboot and start afresh.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, I'm working on it.
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Start with 2 lists. write down as many items as possible.
- List 1: What you are good at?
- List 2: What you are passionate or interested in?

Find the intersection between the two. Something you are good at and passionate about would give you the motivation to write and it would be easier too.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Stanley!