Declutter and Focus

Last Update: October 27, 2019

When I retired three years back, I started to finish all the unfinished projects from living in my home for 20 years. As I began working through it, I found I was adding to a mess of clutter which now included tools, materials, etc.

A funny thing happened after I joined WA. Focus, Organization, and a better plan. I outlined my project list on a spreadsheet. I decided what I will and will not do to the home. I plan to sell out in two years and move to a suburb. Country living is too expensive fr this retiree.

While working within WA, I have learned to be more organized and it is helping me finish those projects including the future move. The posts I read every day are inspiring and helping me stay focussed on what's important.

Thank You WA community. I appreciate you!

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
WA is good for so much more than just building a business! We learn tips and tricks for living in general! Also, I can't be more proud of the friends and family I have met on this fantastic platform!! I love that you shared this with us! It's so encouraging, my friend! Keep doing what you're doing; great things will happen!
Benjamin50 Premium
We really must be thankful to WA for the many benefits we gained from joining it. Thaank you for sharing. Have a nice day.
Babou3 Premium
You have the right method to move forward serenely.

jojocinq Premium
Thanks for sharing. Organization is good. I have to work on it
DMahen1 Premium
You will be glad you did!
Joes946 Premium
Dave, so glad you’re getting on top of things. Focus, yes, that’s the secret.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks Joe!