A Cool Day in Ohio

Last Update: November 02, 2019

This Morning

There was frost on the pumpkins, although I don’t have any pumpkins. I’m not sure when snow may come to Ohio or when the ground will freeze. Before that time, I'll wrap up my home improvement projects for this season. The cabinets 90% repainted, and after I complete that job, the new floor moldings will go on. The kitchen and both bathrooms will be repainted after that. I should do all in 6 weeks at most and sooner, I hope.

I plan to move in two years to a smaller place with less maintenance and better utilities and closer to shopping. .

During the hard part of winter, when the ground is frozen, I’ll be able to spend entire days here, on Wealth Affiliate and move forward with writing, posting, learning and training. Now I have half-days and sometimes no days.

I’ve shifted my focus on emails too. I was spending too much time o emails and too little time on my website..

I’ll save emails until after I do other work each day and I’ll spend maybe an hour. It’s working for me.I've made progress this week.

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Wellbeing38 Premium
What are u on please ?
roxydog1312 Premium
Ya, it was 1 degree here in the Colorado mountains, -13 earlier in the week, Pumpkins frozen solid! Great progress on your projects tho. Continued best wishes to you!
NicolaR Premium
Your wise to prioritize, am having to cut time also on my emails to concentrate on my content. Its just finding the right balance.

Joes946 Premium
Great progress.
jojocinq Premium
Great plan The emails take a lot of time away from the website