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Well, after almost a year of being here at WA, I finally made it to the Top 200! This is an amazing accomplishment for me because I didn't earn it by having the most sales or referrals; I earned it by helping my peers here at Wealthy Affiliate and by helping my business.I know I'm not the best internet marketer, but I have learned a lot throughout the years; here at WA and from my mistakes. That is the beauty of mistakes; you get to help others avoid them so that they can reach success faster t
September 14, 2015
I've achieved moderate success in my online business thanks to everything I have learned at WA, but I know it's going to take more dedication on my part to get to earning a full time income online anytime soon. I know it's doable, I just need to work 100 times harder it seems.I am planning on moving to Orlando soon... and my main objective is to be earning a full time income by then. So that's my main goal that I am working towards for 2015. With every product review, PPC campaign, and blog pos
When it comes to creating any sort of content on my site, there is a process I go through. And sometimes I feel like I'm back in school doing homework! LolUnless it's a rant post, I always create a rough draft of my content before publishing. So I'll usually do my research online and then create my rough draft on a spiral notebook that I carry with me everywhere I go.Sometimes people will see me and ask what I'm studying or why I'm doing homework if I finished school a long time ago. So I tell
Yesterday, I got a craving for some Chinese food(house special fried rice is one of my favorite foods) and decided to call my local Chinese restaurant to order some for my family. As soon as I dialed, after the first ring, they picked up and immediately put me on hold. I couldn't believe it! I didn't get a greeting; I was just put on hold and expected to wait until they were no longer busy to take my order.Well as soon as I was put on hold, I had a flashback of the last time I had ordered food
September 03, 2015
Kyle and Carson have upped the stakes and reduced them at the same time. Now instead of completing 300 sales by the end of the year, you only need 100 premium referrals to get to VEGAS!I just noticed my count had changed today because the last two days I've been using WA on my phone; which isn't ideal.So the race is on guys! Refer 100 premium members to WA, help them see that it is possible to start a business and make honest money online, so that we can all go to VEGAS!Much success to all of y
My main site that I focus on is the one I use to promote WA. Recently, I moved this site to a different domain; because my previous domain was just my name and it was confusing to some. So now I have created a self development blog where I plan on blogging consistently about my progress, my success, business ideas, and my health. I am including daily inspiration quotes and book recommendations.Basically it's a blog that documents my journey to become a better person and live a better life; and
It happens many times where a company or website offers a product for free, and when it's time to claim your product they demand your credit card information.My question is, if it's meant to be free, what purpose will giving you my credit card information serve?This is something that is very popular among affiliate products and MLM opportunities. They advertise a FREE product; only to demand a payment or payment info on the next page. This doesn't lead to more customers in my opinion, it leads
Now that I can literally smell financial independence right around the corner, I have become obsessed with my online business. Everyday I read different blogs and self improvement books, I have stopped going out with my friends during the weekend, and I lock myself up in my room/home office working on my websites. My family's worried that I'm not getting out much, but I'm determined to work full time from home for the rest of my life without having to worry about staying up to date with my bills
If you have ever stayed up late at night watching infomercials, you are aware of some popular products that have been around for ages. The Magic Bullet has been in the market for years; as well as its competitor the Ninja.I personally owned a Ninja Blending System back in 2010, and I was happy with it. Two years ago, the company released a new version of the Ninja with more blades, and a higher rpm. The new Ninja Kitchen Blending System could crush ice into smooth ice cream, make cookie and pizz
So last week I got into a discussion with my parents about my goals for the future. I told them I was sick of the rat race and taking orders from other people just so I can receive a crappy paycheck with no time to spend with them or my friends. I told them I am creating my own success by building my own business and setting up my finances so that I can live off of a passive income.My dad told me to get my head out of my ass and stop wasting my time because I'm almost thirty and haven't purchase