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One of my favorite YouTube channels is Mathias; and recently he's been doing Universal Yums review videos where he tries different snacks from around the world. So I decided to check them out, and learned about a similar company named MunchPak. I decided to give MunchPak a try and signed up. After I signed up, I noticed they had an affiliate program and decided to check it out. It's just amazing how this business is everywhere... that means opportunity is everywhere.And I guarantee you that onc
I'd like to think I've come pretty far as far as my online business is concerned, but there's still a lot to learn. I remember one of the first things Kyle taught is in the training was to focus on the content; and worry about making your website pretty later.I'm still in the process of creating content for my sites, but I think it's time to take it to the next level.After all... I am running a business and professionalism is everything.I want my online presence to have impact on my readers/cus
December 05, 2015
This morning I'm creating a new post for my retro video game site so I decided to log in to my Amazon Associates account to see if I could find a relevant product. Sure enough, I spot a $2.00 commission from an item that was sold on November 30th! This is huge for me! My primary focus until now has been my Affiliate Bootcamp site where I promote WA; so to see money rolling in from somewhere else is AMAZING!!I know it's just $2.00, but it's $2.00 I earned from a blog post I created almost a year
I know I'm a scattered individual; which is why my success has been scattered, but I can't help it! I love learning new things; especially here at WA. Last month I completed the Affiliate Bootcamp and now I am going through the Online Certification Course; I'm still producing content for my Bootcamp site though.Last night I spoke to my friend who started her own pet sitting business, and I offered to build her a website because she wasn't very pleased with the one she got from Vista Print. So t
Finally after almost a year(I took forever I know), I finally completed every single course within the Affiliate Bootcamp.I have learned a lot; most of which I thought I would never grasp. I never thought I'd have my own websites out there for the world to see. I never thought I'd create an ad campaign. I never thought I'd find my content on Google.It's incredible really.So now what's the next step? I can decide if I should start the Affiliate Bootcamp training all over again; or finish the Onl
November 10, 2015
Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, the first thing they ask me is if it works. Or if I've had any success. And while I am making money as an internet marketer, money isn't the only way I define success.I celebrate every little task I accomplish because I tend to procrastinate a bit when it comes to improving my business. Every post I publish, every new follower I gain, every comment I receive on my sites, every successful PPC campaign I run, is defined as success in my book.Becaus
One of the reasons internet marketing is so awesome is because you get to do it from home; at your convenience. This means that you take care of your business at whatever time of the day you wish. But my question is, do you guys keep a set schedule for your tasks?I personally wake up everyday at 7:30 with an alarm clock no matter what. Believe it or not, I set an alarm for myself every morning. To me, it doesn't matter what I do for a living, I need to start my day as soon as I am well rested s
October 15, 2015
Last night my dad sat me down and said he needed to speak with me. I thought it was time for one of his "what are you doing with your life" speeches. To my surprise, he just wanted to thank me for creating a website for his business!If you haven't read one of my posts, I decided to give local marketing a shot by creating a simple website for my parents' business and drawing traffic to a lead capturing page. All I do is offer people a free quote in exchange for their information, forward it to m
So it's been a little over two months since I started using local marketing to help my parents' local business grow. Thanks to the training here at WA, I created a website for my parents' business and every day they gain a new customer.Thanks to this growth in customers, they were able to make some extra money to drive up to Philadelphia and meet the Pope when he was on his tour. Basically, I drive traffic to their homepage that has a free quote form, I receive it in my email, and I forward it
One of the reasons people drink coffee in the morning is because it's quick, "wakes you up", and "fills you up"; so they skip out on breakfast. Or even worse, consider their morning cup of Joe their breakfast. Why? Because chances are they're running late for work.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but because people are always in a rush in the morning to drop the kids off at school, avoid traffic on their way to work, or meet up with a client. Apparently these are good enough reas