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Today I decided to check on my website. Meaning I typed my url and went on my site as a visitor instead of admin.I clicked on some internal links to see if they were fine and so far so good. Then I clicked on a banner I had on my sidebar; and it turns out it was broken! It wasn't working!All this time I've had that banner occupying space on my site and it hasn't worked. Who knows how many visitors I've had that have clicked on that banner and been disappointed? I know it's no ones fault but my
When I decided I was going to become an internet marketer and quit living paycheck to paycheck; I promised I would never give up and see this through until I achieved my long term goals. You can believe I've met tons of people on a day to day basis that are not happy with their current situation. This is when I get excited.Why?? Because I might be able to help them!Affiliate marketing is a business that almost anyone can succeed at with the proper education and discipline. This is a business th
Two weeks ago, I decided to give in and updated my laptop to Windows 10. Last week, I went to go create a blog post and my screen would not turn on. I was terrified. I've been planning on purchasing a new laptop for my online business, but not at the moment if the one I have is still functioning. Luckily on Sunday it turned back on and worked fine. The problem is all my files are on this laptop and I need to move them ASAP. I can't sacrifice the progress of my business because Windows 10 wants
I just got back from a two week vacation in Colombia where I was visiting family and friends. I had a great time tasting new foods, meeting new people, and enriching myself with the culture my family grew up on.Being the entrepreneur that I am, I was looking for business opportunities everywhere. The main thing I noticed is that over 85% of businesses in Colombia do not have an online presence!I couldn't believe it!I googled a burger joint to check out their menu and hours and I couldn't find i
After two years with this amazing community here at Wealthy Affiliate, I upgraded my membership to yearly premium instead of monthly. The only reason I hadn't done it before?Because I was being a lazy business owner. And it was costing me money. Now I don't have to worry about paying a monthly $47 and the money I save is definitely going into ad campaigns for my business.I hope those of you that are still paying a monthly premium are able to upgrade to yearly. Best of luck everyone.
Every Monday, I login to my Amazon Associates account to check if I've made a sale or gotten some clicks.Well, this Monday, I did the same thing; and surprise surprise... I made two sales from two clicks. This put me at a 100% conversion rate. This means that two people clicked on my affiliate links and made a purchase. That's great if you ask me. Every time one I conquer one of these tiny achievements, I know my business is getting closer and closer to making all my dreams come true.I just wan
I decided today was the day I joined eBay's affiliate program; and it turns out they are offering a pretty cool incentive.Join now and receive DOUBLE the commissions for the next three months!This sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I'm reading over the fine print now; but because I know there are products on eBay I can offer on my site, I'm thinking this is a huge advantage for me and all of you if you've yet to join.Keep in mind that our first priority is helping people, then making money.
Every Monday I check the stats of my online business; because if I don't I will obsess over data on a daily basis and not get anything done. That being said; I found I made a few commissions during the last two months on Amazon, Share-A-Sale, and AdSense! I am so excited with the progress I have made! I remember when I was skeptical of having an online business. There were times when I was frustrated and running low on funds and considered getting a second job!Luckily I believed in myself and m
Today I decided to unpause a campaign I had created two months ago on Bing Ads and discovered that there is Bing Ads App! Isn't that amazing?!? I think Bing Ads creating an APP is an incredible tool to have as a business owner because it allows me to check up on my ad campaigns while I'm on the go. If you're running ads on Bing Ads, I suggest checking it out. I'm definitely downloading the app now. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
For the last month, I have been helping my friend with her pet sitting business create an online presence. We usually meet up on Sundays for brunch; and discussing what I can do to help her business grow is extremely fun.I think I may have found my calling among internet marketing. While it is satisfying to help people online start their own business and blog about my video games; I feel like helping local businesses in my community grow is what I am really passionate about. So now it's time to