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November 21, 2016
I have made it a habit to check my ad campaigns ever day or every other day to see how I'm doing on my ROI.This morning I checked my ad campaign for my Wealthy Affiliate link and I was blown away by my current results!My first page bids on three keywords went from being $.65 last week to $13! I'm pretty sure it might have something to do with Black Friday this week but still! At $13 a click, it's not worth it in my opinion if you have a small budget for paid advertising. My suggestion is to sti
I listened in on a webinar a few months ago and in it, speaker suggested creating a video sharing something new I learned about internet marketers so I can help others.Since then, I've been creating video blog posts and I am officially hooked.My videos don't have as many views as I'd like, but there is traffic going to the video blog posts on my site.There's also been a few conversions so that's a plus.I've learned that regardless of your level of expertise in this business, there is always som
Hey everyone!Today I want to share with you a bit of my journey. I became interested in affiliate marketing in 2013, and it took me almost eight months later to find Wealthy Affiliate.I realized right away that there was value here and that success was inevitable. Now it's 2016 and I've created a little over a 100 blog posts among all my websites. I've also come to the realization that all this feels like work until you find your perfect niche. My first niche was ladies golf gear, then fly fish
I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been asked if it's "worth it" to start an online business. Or better yet... "when will I start making money?"My answer is always a question: "Have you done any work?"What I failed to understand when I first got started with internet marketing was that it takes time to make money online. This doesn't mean that the longer your website is up, the more money you will make. To me it means that as time progresses, you learn more. It's going to take some
September 01, 2016
As you may know, one of the best ways to find new products to review(especially in the make money online niche) is to subscribe to different websites' newsletters. This is a very useful way for marketers to grab your email and send you offers, value, and products they recommend for you to purchase.Well today, I decided to delete my emails and unsubscribe from products/services that I had subscribed to in order to discover which products were being promoted.I just finished deleting 7,000 emails
Yesterday I saw a City Furniture commercial for their Labor Day Weekend sale; so I decided to check out their website to see if anything caught my eye.I typed into Google: City Furniture Sale, and do you know what the top result was?La-Z Boy. Not City Furniture; La-Z Boy.That means La-Z Boy understands the power of internet marketing. Sure enough, I clicked on the top result and when I was redirected towards the La-Z Boy site, I thought there was a mistake. Regardless I spend a few minutes chec
I finally did it! After almost two years of starting and stopping, I finally completed all five courses on the Online Certification Course. I'll be honest though, the first time around, my niche was fly fishing. And while I am a huge fan of saltwater and fresh water surface fishing; I had very little insight on fly fishing. In the end, I grew pretty bored with this niche since I didn't have much experience with it.So I decided to change directions and my new niche became retro video games. Now
I finally did it! I signed up for Aweber and created a sign up form for my website.Now all I need is a giveaway to add some value to my new subscribers. I'm currently following the videos that Aweber offers; as well as the email marketing training here at WA. I gotta say, it's getting a bit confusing; but I know it will be highly rewarding.I wish I would've gotten over my crap sooner and started this months ago.Anyways, wish me luck. Let's see how it goes.Have a great week everyone!DianaPS- I'd
August 04, 2016
I've been at this internet marketing thing for a few years now; and by no means am I a master. But I am learning and I have improved tremendously. I can honestly say I know what I am doing. From setting up a website, creating content, finding affiliate products to promote, getting traffic, and making money. So why am I still here?Because I'm still growing. Every single day I receive emails and messages on Twitter to join a new business opportunity that's going to make me into a millionaire. I'l
I think we're all guilty of obsessing over the success of our business. I know I am. The reason I joined WA and decided to start an Internet marketing business was because I was sick and tired of missing out on family outings and vacations because of work. Unfortunately, it seems old habits are hard to break.A few weeks ago I took my parents to Disney and sure enough I took my laptop with me. What did I end up doing most of the time? Responding to comments on my site and writing a blog post. My