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July 14, 2017
Last year, I created a website for my friend's pet sitting business. All I did was add a contact page, an about page, a prices page, and a sign up form on the home page. Then I offered to create an ad campaign in order to get more traffic and she declined. She preferred to start out with free traffic and then work her way up.Sure enough, I left the website alone and so did she; she wanted to focus on Facebook which was fine by me. Well... two days ago, I received an email from a lead. It was a
Last night I received an email from the Amazon Associates program reminding me that the third annual Amazon Prime Day is on July 11th!While this is an extreme perk for me to take advantage of as a consumer(Amazon Addict), it's also an incredible opportunity for my online business!So for those of you fellow online entrepreneurs that are part of Amazon's affiliate program, get ready to make some money.This is huge! It's like Christmas came early... Christmas in July! For those of you that aren't
Ever since I began my online marketing journey almost four years ago, I've kept my parents in the dark with regards to what I was doing. Part of it was because I felt they wouldn't understand. Also, I didn't want to feel judged.With my parents, if you don't see results, then you're wasting your time.Anyways, last month I tried explaining to my mom what I've been doing all this time on my laptop; but I don't think she fully understands.I don't blame her though... it took me forever to understand
As I learn more and more about the internet marketing industry, I begin to apply it to my business. Now that my site is getting some pretty decent traffic, I've decided to dive in to email marketing. Like they say, the money's in the list.So I've had an email sign up form on my site for quite some time, but all I've done up til now is just send updates to my list when I release new content on my site.That didn't do much. I've gotten subscribers, but no conversions.Which is why I decided to crea
This morning I decided to do a little cleaning. As I'm going through some old files and my laptop bags where I keep all my "crap", I stumbled upon my progress.What???Turns out I've saved almost every single notebook I've ever written content in for my websites. This month marks my third year here at WA so I guess they kinda correlate.Keep in mind that these are 6 months old. The content I've created this year, is in another notebook which is almost done.There's also been some content that I've
Today I turn 28. There's a lot I've accomplished and even more I have yet to do. I have learned so much ever since I heard about internet marketing; I honestly thought I'd get this far. I remember there was a point in my online career where I'd stop working because I was terrified about sucking at creating websites. Fast forward three years later, and I've created half a dozen websites.I'm truly glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I learn here I apply to my business and it's what's made
On Friday I watched a video on YouTube that said a great way to brand yourself and your business is by telling your story and how it relates to your niche.So I've been creating videos for my site lately. It's true what they say, the more you practice something, the more confident you feel about it. Now I'm using iMovie to edit the videos I'm recording. Currently editing two videos and it feels pretty rewarding to be doing something I thought was only done by pros.Anyways, thought I'd share it w
Last week I was doing some work on my website and decided to change things up a bit. I deactivated All-in-One SEO and am now using SEO Yoast.I will admit the first time I used SEO Yoast, I was confused; but I believe it's helping me out quite a bit.The readability and SEO scores allow me to take into consideration certain aspects of the content I'm creating.Whereas I was just focusing on word count; now I focus on how often I use my keyword, my snippet, and how easy to read my posts are.Let's s
My cousin and I practically grew up together like siblings; he's me best friend and we introduce each other as brother and sister. We're so connected that I'll be inspired to try something new, tell him about it, and discover that he's been doing it too! Last year we sat down and had a heart to heart about becoming entrepreneurs because we got sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. He told me his business model was selling movies on eBay, and I told him about affiliate marketing.Well ju
At the end of each month, I check out all my affiliate programs' reports to see how my business is doing. Two days ago, I logged into my Amazon Associates account to find an incredibly huge bump in sales from my video game site. I couldn't believe it because the traffic for that site has been pretty consistent without any recent spikes.Once I checked my reports to find out where all my purchases came from, I learned I got almost half of them from my native shopping ad! I was so happy... I'm sti