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June 19, 2020
Hi, WA inspiring internet marketers,For today, i like to take this opportunity to share the great news. I am in the " Top 50 " of the WA community network. This is a significant moment in my life. Having a great time getting to know many interesting WA members from so many different backgrounds.Reading through your blog posts, profiles and websites. Learning many of your new knowledge, work experiences and interests. And your journey into internet marketing so far. Interacting, commenting shari
June 12, 2020
12 days had passed by, since the day of my previous blog post. Well, the world continue to revolve round and round, day and night. Like clockwork. I find life is like a daily routine, doing the basic tasks every day as usual. Till my ranking reaches another level. From then on, the situation became a bit different. Many things had happened eversince. It is like a new chapter of my journey in the Wealthy Affiliate community has began.The situation is as per normal initially. Doing what i normall
Hi, to all inspiring WA members, I like to take this opportunity to share another good news. As an encouragement, i managed to attain " Top 100 rankings " in the Wealthy Affiliate community. After another week of staying active and joining in the various discussion. This is very exciting.It had been a wonderful experience interacting with many premium and new Wealthy members. A great learning experience. Picking up new knowledge about online biz, internet marketing, article writing, website set
Hi aspiring Wealthy Affiliate members,Time passed by so quickly. More than 4 months had went by in a flash, since the last time i had written a blog in WA. So many things had happened since then. Well i had been spending lots of time offering feedback, posting comments and interacting with other inspiring Wealthy affiliate premium and new members. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience, getting connected with many interesting people. With different professions, work experiences and passion
It is such a good feeling to experience total freedom in life. Isn"t it? Have you ever wonder what life is really all about? Why it have to follow a certain way? Making decision within a set of framework, system and boundary. To ensure the stability of a society. Taking a safe and calculated approach. Not to rock the boat too much. Eversince the first day on earth till the last day. Which is good.Hence, over doing it will not be a good idea. Then, life become very restrictive and lack of freed
January 16, 2020
Life is a learning journey. Full of joy, happiness, satisfaction and wonderful experiences. Making good decision along the way. Working towards success with the support of family and friends. "Taking small steps towards achieving bigger milestones." Walking on this learning journey is never easy. It is necessary to go through it in despite of the initial challenges. To build up on the confidence level, determination and resilience. And becoming a better and stronger person in the process. Conti
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Learning and seeking education is so different beyond the 21st century. There are so many courses available. The purpose of learning had changed over the years. " It became more complicated with all the selection criterias, academic results, course attendance rates etc ...... " Trainees have to attend at least 80% of the course and attain a GPA of more than 2.5 to pass. Not forgetting all the courses and sub-courses available.All these make it difficult to make the right decision. In selecting
January 13, 2020
There are many website templates in WA. How do i know which is the right one to choose according to my niche? How do i know which are the simple website templates? Which are the more advanced templates?Thanks
January 12, 2020
Time passed by even more faster. Many things and incidents happened around the world. And it is 2020! Another brand new year. This is my third year in WA. Looking back, i had came a long way. And learnt lots of knowledge and skills from all the trainings. Getting to interact and know many great WA members throughout the years.WA program and trainings are very comprehensive. Hence, it take time to really learn and go through the trainings daily. The trainings can be overwhelming at times. It tak
September 12, 2017
Time went by quickly,it had been almost a year since the day i joined WA. Looking back, it was really an enriching experience. Full of challenges,ups and downs. Learn many things about online business and affiliate marketing. For e.g building website,getting ranked,get traffics,gain trust etc. Looking forward, there are more trainings and tasks to complete ahead. Time to put in more efforts!Well,it was really a great learning experience going through the WA trainings so far. It takes lots of di