These are the five obstacles to overcome to make a sale

Last Update: May 19, 2019

I found this quote from the inimitable Zig Ziglar the other day. It sums up quite nicely the 5 conditions that must be met before we can make a sale. If you are trying to build an affiliate income by selling other people's stuff, you need to know these. You can't just go around dropping your affiliate links into Facebook, people will just ignore you and mentally screen you out, or even report you as a spammer.

The 5 Obstacles

No Need - If nobody needs the item, it will not sell

No Money - If people don't have the money to spend, it will not sell

No Hurry - They aren't desperate enough to find a solution to their problem

No Desire - They aren't looking to purchase anything today

No Trust - They have no trust in you because you haven't yet built any

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Like this and it is probably a perfect saying for all to remember when we have to do the same.
CandP Premium
Love this! Thanks!
C & P
McWord Premium
You and Zig have it exactly right! Most of the people we offer a product or service to will fall into one of those five conditions. Fortunately, they are not the ones we're looking for. So, we gear our writing and our websites to the remainder.

Nice post and nice reminder!!

All the best,

LouiseBT Premium
Interesting, thank you for sharing.
Now we need to find ways to create all of these things in our buyers. My understanding s that it takes on average 7 touch points before a purchase is made - these are 5 of the reasons.
The 7 touch point theory is a good reason to keep posting on all the different platforms (website, social media, forums, YouTube, etc).
Appreciate the info.
Nadia27 Premium
Trust the first obstacle to overcome.