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Last Update: February 01, 2019

For those who are focused on Affiliate Bootcamp strategies - it’s often useful to evaluate targets by number of users introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. As we know, each premium user we introduce is worth $23.50 in monthly commission. If each person stays for 12 months, they’re worth :

23.50 x 12 = $282

So, to make $1,000, we need

1,000 / 282 = 3.54

Therefore we need 3.5 premium members to sign up and stay for 12 months to realise $1,000. It doesn’t seem much does it? Now see what happens when we scale that up.

To make an income from Wealthy Affiliate of $5,000 per year is 3.5 x 5 = 17.5 premium members. That’s only one member every 3 weeks. That seems a very easy way to make 5 grand, does it not?

If we want 10 grand, it’s 35 premium members, or roughly one every 10 days. Still not stupidly unachievable figures are they? You can scale your targets very easily from here. 20 grand is a premium member every 5 days, and so on.

So basically, the model is there and the compensation figures are cast in stone to see. Why wouldn’t anyone who wants to make money online not follow this route? It’s a highly respected platform, with very transparent affiliate rewards. All you have to do is show people the figures and then it’s very much about how driven you are to succeed.



Are you unstoppable?

Go for it people!

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anusuya1 Premium
Great picturization.
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I usually find when I illustrate things for myself it helps others too.
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I agree a great plan
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Yes I agree
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Great potential
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Probably the greatest potential i’ve ever seen in an plan.
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truth :)
dkohara Premium
It seems simple doesn’t it?