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Read your local newspaperWhere to get inspiration for posts? Recently I saw this article published in the jobs section of my local newspaper. It's a short piece offering advice to those who are facing or are about to choose to change career and retrain. It's very mainstream and is targeted at people who are on the employment treadmill.I thought i'd use it as a basis for a post on my website blog, adding the benefits of working online as an affiliate to the mix, highlighting it's advantages and
As I seem to mention quite frequently here, I am a property investor as well as a marketer. As such, my website typically contains a mixture of posts, on both subjects. I like to have multiple different revenue streams and this works well for me. I also have a little Facebook page that I use to post links and promote the marketing side of things.Interactive form pluginRecently, i've been looking for a plugin for Wordpress that would allow me to create my own interactive forms, with calculated f
My second paycheck from Wealthy Affiliate. This time $63.This adds to the $344 I was paid in January. I’m more than happy with my progress.
One of the great advantages of being an affiliate marketer/property investor is that we aren't tied to an office to do the work. I've posted before on the blog about this and I find it is truly liberating that we can just up-sticks and spend some time away, whilst doing some work and enjoying the scenery and attractions. In fact, when we look at houses outside of our normal patch, it's a great excuse to take a break!This week, we've jumped on the train and travelled to York. It's the next big h
February 22, 2019
Today I checked my Amazon account to see if I’d sold any affiliate products through my ecommerce website, which is in the outdoor clothing niche. Image my surprise when I found out i’d sold and had commission for one of these:Just goes to prove sometimes, if people don’t choose the products your selling or promoting, they can always buy something else from the same browsing session and we can still benefit from the sale! 😂Dave
I’m always trying to balance things between our Property Investment business and Wealthy Affiliate. We’ve been viewing houses this week with the intention of adding at least another couple to the portfolio. At the same time, i’m trying to develop things here and i’ve tried to step up the activity to break into a Top 500 position.This morning, we had to go buy a car. We have had a Nissan Juke car on lease for the past two years, but the lease company have withdrawn the mo
Well today I took another leap in my Wealthy Affiliate career. I published my first training!I wanted to cut my teeth on training because I know i’ve been able to do it after 3 months of being a member, but hadn’t had the opportunity yet. I decided to do a piece about goals and targets because it is one of the first things people do on creating their WA profile, but they tend to just pluck figures from thin air. This is my attempt to make us think about what we’d like, what we
February 08, 2019
I was wondering this today after I found myself sitting in the car doing WA stuff on my iphone. My partner was viewing a house, so I stayed in the car with the pooch to keep her company. I just replied to a couple of emails and monitored my PPC campaign, commenting on a few new referals who had set goals.I’m quite obsessed with Wealthy Affiliate now. I’m online every day and love hearing about others’ successes and stories. I regularly post to WA when i’m in the bathroo
February 06, 2019
I refined my Bing ppc campaign promoting Wealthy Affiliate and here is today’s result summary. 20 clicks at nearly 7% CTR, of which 6 converted (a signup at Wealthy Affiliate) for a total cost of £3.88. Couldn’t get much better than that really. It proves my ads are tightly relevant.Now all I need to wait for is seeing if any of them go Premium.If I can consistently catch one per day, see you in Vegas!Fingers crossed.Dave
Just a little tip I found. Facebook introduced hashtags in it’s posts in 2013 in an attempt to make it easier to find topics of interest. It’s easy to search for topics whilst you are in Facebook, just type the subject into the search bar.You can however search for hashtags without being logged into Facebook at all. Use this format in a browser:Https:// replace ‘wealthyaffiliate’ with the hashtag you are interested in. Useful for r