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Hey fellow WA'ers.Every couple of years we have a Light Festival (Lumiére) in Durham City UK, where I live. This is really to showcase the city and illuminate it as an 'enlightened' place. Typically there are 25-30 light installations from artists all over the World, ranging from the bizarre to the cute, but always inspiring. This is it's 10 year anniversary.Durham Cathedral, Castle and the Peninsula it stands on are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It gets millions of visitor
Hi peeps, I was doing research on the top bloggers in the World today and ended up on a blog by Alex Nerney (Number 10 on the list). This is the list he came up with of his top 21 income earners from blogs. Encouraging if we can only achieve a little piece of their success. I've incorporated it in a post on my main website, but just thought you'd find the numbers interesting and motivating.Dave
Dory the Boston Terrier, bossing the house!We're dog-sitting again at the moment. She started to stunt my online creativity with her incessant tuggy sessions and walks. I couln't think of any other way to get round that other than to post about her! 😂Dave
What's this about?One of the posts on my blog tells of some property training we went on last year. Some negative comments have started to come through recently on the post, and i've just found out from another property forum that a guy who had taken the same training (and spent more than he could afford) has taken his own life.Naturally, emotions are running high in his social circle and the property trainer Samuel is getting the blame because the guy actually desperately asked for a refund se
Wow, just had a pop up to say i'd crashed into the top 200 at number 179! I know it doesn't really mean anything other than i've been very active this week and last, but it's encouraging nonetheless.The ranking system here is clever. It focuses us on helping, creating, contributing and being active here, because that's what the community needs to thrive.Without us helping each other, creating posts and training, joining in with discussions and just being around to read what each other is up to
What do you value most about your membership here at Wealthy Affiliate? I sat and thought about this today after spending a good deal of time on the site. I took a little more Bootcamp training, helped some folks, followed some more folks, indulged in some chit-chat, posted a joke or two and started getting together some ideas for my next posts on my website.What struck me whilst doing all this was, what a great cameraderie we have! We are all different ages, with different life histories, diff
Hi folks, I hope you are all well. I've been watching Jay present his Local SEO webinars the last few weeks and have been busy building my SEO audit page. For those who haven't seen any of Jay's stuff yet, he's telling us how to target local businesses for our services. This allows us to offer our expertise we've learned here to help the ailing high street (feeling their pain, solving their problems, generating business).
October 16, 2019
Ouch, ouch, OUCH!Was out on manouevres this morning at one of our new rentals. We'd been to McDonalds for a drive through coffee and took it to the house.When we got there it was bin collection day, so there was a line of wheelie bins at the kerbside, but just enough room to squeeze through.While squeezing through, i caught my foot on the edge of one of the bins, stumbled, and with no way to break my fall (coffee filled hands), I hit the deck.Ouch, ouch, OUCH !!!!The coffee i'd carried for 10 m
After watching hundreds of videos from other people, i've finally dipped my toes into the murky waters of YouTube.I'm not at all confident in front of a camera, but I took advantage of some quiet time to practice in front of my phone and i've managed to produce 3 'talking head' videos for a few of my blog posts, between 2 and 7 minutes long.I found it surprisingly easy to talk to the camera without notes, but I still don't like watching myself! I think the videos are a bit basic and don't have
In September I decided i'd make a concerted effort to post more articles to my website to try to increase traffic. I'd been watching Littlemama's 'Road to Vegas' videos and trying to emulate her posting frequency.I managed 11 posts during the month and this is what happened to my impressions in Google Search Console.WOW!Guess what i'm going to do in October 😁😁😁