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Steven Green's Cycle of Performance One thing I noticed here is that some people have a problem with their results. They aren't getting the results they expect and that leads to them getting demotivated. I was the same to an extent, especially about 3-4 months in here.Those that follow me will know that me and my partner are also into Property Investment. At the very moment, Debs is away on a course with a local trainer who as well as doing property investment seminars also covers mindset impro
Just had an email from Kyle today telling me I'm officially an Active Affiliate. This is what happens when you attract 5 Premium Members.For those doubting themselves and Wealthy Affiliate, don't. Just follow the training and you WILL succeed. Dave
This is exactly what it says on the tin! We know that Wealthy Affiliate is supremely popular in the USA and Canada, but over here in the UK we aren't quite as well represented, although it is growing well.As those of you who follow me will know, I'm Dave and am from Durham City in North East England.If you are a UK Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, please reply to this post and let me know where you are from (nearest big town and county if possible). That will give me an idea of how well dis
September 08, 2019
Quitters Never Win and Winners Never QuitRefuse To Lose!Was reading a post from another member (@DaveSw) and made this graphic to remind myself and hopefully others. I also decided to get myself a T-Shirt printed to remind me not to quit. If you want one yourself there’s a link below.Refuse to Lose T-Shirt
Hi folks, i’ve (almost) reached my Wealthy Affiliate 1st Birthday. What a Year it’s been!It hardly seems 5 minutes since I signed up here and started my journey. We’d just started seriously developing the property investment business (we’ve now got 6 houses), but I also wanted to add another layer to our income. I chose Wealthy Affiliate. I went Premium straight away in September last year and haven’t really looked back. Since then i’ve accrued:Freedom Pot :
I started a website about 6 months ago, with no intention of even monetizing the thing. After 6 months of adding content and being a member of WA, I realised I could maybe sell some niche related items. I have a WooCommerce store linked up to Amazon affiliate products (only about a dozen). In the last couple of months, analytics shows that Impressions are really taking off and affiliate commissions are starting to materialize. I’m now heavily optimising the product pages to maximise click
I received a request yesterday to build a website for a family member (well, actually my stepson’s dad). He’s a driving instructor, but is having a hard time drumming up new business.When he asked me, I did some research on his web visibility and found out he wasn’t showing at all for local search in the niche. He has a Facebook page which isn’t too bad, but he needed help.I’ve now purchased a domain for him and will be laying out some content to attract organic tr
I found this quote from the inimitable Zig Ziglar the other day. It sums up quite nicely the 5 conditions that must be met before we can make a sale. If you are trying to build an affiliate income by selling other people's stuff, you need to know these. You can't just go around dropping your affiliate links into Facebook, people will just ignore you and mentally screen you out, or even report you as a spammer.The 5 Obstacles No Need - If nobody needs the item, it will not sellNo Money - If peop
Since starting in September, i’ve started to see some progress with my earnings and my savings. My Freedom Pot is something I started a few months ago. Basically, my bank rounds up every purchase to the nearest pound and puts it in my Freedom Pot. I also put £2 per day in there too.My Wealthy Affiliate earnings are from introductions and bonuses for creating training. I could do with more referrals and i’m working very hard on this.Amazon income is slow so far, mainly from boo