Sometimes you just get one of those days .

Last Update: January 30, 2019

You know sometimes you are sailing through life and everthing is going well, then BANG, a bunch of bad news hits you all at the same time? Nothing major, just two or three things you could do without.

1. A mortgage application was turned down on a technicality. (House next to pub)

2. A property we own needs a new heating boiler (£1,200 cost)

3. A holiday cottage we’d booked was cancelled by the owner.

Today was that day. They came in quick succession.

Now, as usual I can hear you asking yourself “What the hell has this got to do with Wealthy Affiliate”? Well here’s what. It’s all about not letting life’s problems stop you.

1. We applied to new lenders making the technicality a precondition.

2. OK, this one WAS annoying, but it goes with the territory if you’re a landlord.

3. The cottage owner didn’t receive payment details from Not our fault.

If life seems to be picking on you and making things inconvenient, take a step back, take a deep breath and approach each problem one at a time. Don’t sweat on things you can’t control and take it slowly, you’ll work it out. The same is true on our Affiliate Marketing journey. There’ll be things that seem to stack up and problems that you just don’t need, but the important message is


Most problems aren’t insurmountable, they’re just bloody annoying!

Just to cheer me up, later in the day I got £31 in commissions paid from Amazon 😁

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Hi Dave

Life is full of "hiccups" & one has to go with the flow as they say.

I had an unpleasant occurrence just a few years ago - well an unexpected divorce actually.

Several friends said to me - "What are you going to do now? "
I said - I don't worry about the things I can not change.

This is very similar to your comment Dave.
"Don’t sweat on things you can’t control".

I did not give up then & I will not give up here at WA!!!

dkohara Premium
This is so true Denis. As I said, I used to get so worked up about stuff and when I looked back I realise that most of the stuff I was worrying about was not something I could influence in any way. I've been divorced too and at the time it really ate into me. Now, I only worry about things I can control.
Mick18 Premium
Some days just go that way. Wish you a better tomorrow.
AlexEvans Premium
Classic Dave, we never know what's coming around the next corner. The key can be to meet things head on.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.

dkohara Premium
That’s true Alex. It’s very annoying but isn’t it strange how all these things happen on the same day? Must check my Karma! 😂
trymetoday Premium
Keep going thats the message I am getting here, thanks for sharing, I hope tomorrows a better day.
dkohara Premium
Cheers Paul, i’m sure it will be.
Nancy29 Premium
Love your attitude toward life's speed bumps!
dkohara Premium
Thanks. I think it’s the only way Nancy.
Nancy29 Premium
I agree. If nothing else, you save a bundle on blood pressure meds! :-)
dkohara Premium
I used to get quite stressed about things like this, but all the education i’ve invested in over the last few years has taught me to handle it and chill more. It’s good for me. 😎