RIP Neil Peart

Last Update: January 10, 2020

Not too much to say, other than he was probably one of the greatest drummers i've ever seen, maybe the best ever. He left me with great musical memories, lyrically and sonically.

Plus ca change
Plus c'est la meme chose
The more that things change
The more they stay the same

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JimintheWeb Premium
I just responded to your 11 x-ing it when I noticed the RIP Neil.
Awe man! I'm gonna have to take some time here & get control of myself.
Neil came into the group with his "big words" & writing ability, not to mention being "the" greatest drummer ever to swing the sticks.
He was hurt from the beginning, wanting to be left alone. Then his wife & child die leading him to dissapear as he biked well south of the boarder (the Mexican boarder & beyond). Happily, he met a spouse there & eventually came back into writing & swinging them sticks.
So much later on touring too.
I wonder how the other two have been taking it.
Yea, this tells me how removed I've been this year. WA, on-line business development, & now, the Neil.
Thanks Dave. No, I'm not gonna "like" this one.
One piece of humanity I never wanted to see leave.
Your mega-lifting the band, your Caress of Steel.
So long, Neil.
Thanks for the memories. Seriously, thank you.
JimintheWeb Premium
Double honor to you, Mr. Neil Peart.
I'll be see'n you & also asking to check-out your library & hopefully, do some jam'n (with some drum techy lessons?).
But not yet.
Not yet.
cbednar74 Premium
R.I.E.E.P. Neil Elwood Peart (The Professor, Pratt)! He was such a Gigantic Icon, the Ernest Hemingway of Rock Lyricists, and Yes the Best Drummer in terms of Technicality and Composition! A Truly Once in a "Generation Talent" always refining himself in drumming, writing, motorcycling, cycling, cooking,etc.. A Star hear on the Earth a Star in Heaven! At least he finally gets to be with his late Daughter Selena and his 1st late Wife Jackie!!!!
EdwinBernard Premium
Sad news indeed.

I had the pleasure of attending a Rush concert in the Santa Monica Auditorium in October 1977. It was a packed house and the atmosphere was electric. Rush was in their prime then.

The high tone of the voice of Geddy Lee still rings in my ear. They were SOOOO LOUD!

I have a confession to make though. My girlfriend and I smoked something before and during the concert. It was common place back then. I got sick at the end and my girlfriend had to drive me home!

A different era and I was a different person.back then.

Neil Peart will be missed.

Thanks for posting.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, He will be, Edwin! I enjoyed your little story though!🙄
ExpatMark Premium
Ha. Double Ha Ha! I am jamming on the greatest instrumental in the history of music, La Villa Strangiato as we speak.
For anyone who has never heard this. Welcome to music heaven.
keishalina9 Premium
hi Dave -- yes, amazing with his sticks! ... energy & stamina on the go! ...

i used to play on a Pearl kit ..

may he rest in peace! ... 🙏 ...

thanks kindly for posting .... (moment of silence) ...