Received a legal threat on my blog

Last Update: August 12, 2020

In the last couple of days I've received two solicitors letters. These object to content that was written on my blog more than two years ago. I reviewed a free training session from his property training company which proved to be okay on the day but I later found to be sub-standard advice and so I posted a negative review.

He claims 'defamation' and has threatened to sue.

The content isn't abusive in any way, but refers to the Neuro Linguistic Programming methods that trainers use to persuade audience people to part with large sums of money based on false scarcity amongst other things. We're talking many thousands of dollars here.

Basically, I called him out on his methods and he didn't like it.

I can't promote a reviewed product positively when I think it's poor and contains dubious sales tactics, including shaming and ridiculing of the audience (there's a video showing this).

I've responded and taken legal advice, which suggests I have nothing to worry about as the article is now timed-out (written more than a year ago) and is my honest opinion, which I claim as fair comment and in the public interest.

Anyone else get legal threats?


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Nikosth Premium
It happens.
Regardless of your niche (not just for the MMO niche).

It happened to me once. The owner of an affiliate training course send me an email telling me i had to revise my review (because it was outadated) or he would have to take legal action.

I didn't change my review. I just put a Disclaimer at the top of my review saying the price may have changed, the products (membership levels) may have been updated and i provided a link to his site for more information.

He never bothered me ever since.
JTeston Premium
So far I have not had anything like this!
JonLake Premium
Back in 2009, not long after we had started our online journey we received a letter threatening to sue us, from Getty Images, for using 2 images which were on my PC when I bought it!!

We had several back and forth letters, with us pleading complete innocence and they eventually dropped it. This went on for several months which at the time was very stressful as we were talking about $5000.

That is why, ever since we have been very wary of using any images unless we have made sure they are OK to use.

You see so many people telling their students to use images from Google and other places and it just isn't worth it.

Be very wary guys.

Good luck to you Dave. I am sure you will be OK.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, I'll bet that was scary, indeed! I do my best to use my own images where I can to avoid this possibility!

dkohara Premium
That’s a hard one Jon. Glad it worked out in the end. He’s already played his ‘Or Else’ card, so fingers crossed.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Yes I have had one sent to my site email. They claimed defamation and portrayal. Weird enough, I had embedded videos of them promoting an Expensive MLM product. Meanwhile they call themselves “Affiliate Marketing Coaches”. They talked a lot of MLM language.
My concern was why do they hide behind Affiliate Marketing while they are clearly doing MLM.
They didn’t like that.
Luckily I believe my post persuaded them to change things a bit.

In the end I asked them to provide me with complete information as to what they actually do so that I can write a true review.
I did, but left it to the reader to draw their own conclusions based on the content provided.
JaneMahlehle Premium
False portrayal **
dkohara Premium
It’s my opinion after visiting a free training course. Hard to see how i’m defaming him exactly. It was my experience and feelings
roysinOnline Premium
Hi Dave. Sad to learn that you have some challenges at the moment with threats of legal actions. I think Phil has a very valid point. If this is an ongoing legal process at the moment, commenting on this issue while it is ongoing might not be something you want to do. I also agree with Andy (Yumabloggers) that this person is trying to bully you.

I have n´t encountered such a situation yet but haven´t written many reviews yet either.

Wishing you good luck in "shaking" this issue off.

dkohara Premium
Hi Roysin. It’s not exactly ongoing legal process because they haven’t followed any. He’s just trying to bully me