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Last Update: October 25, 2018

Durham Weather

For some time now i've been obsessed by the weather. It started round about the time when the uk was having one of it's hottest summers on record. I was still at school then, but I was a bit of a geek and geeks have to know about science. I was also mad keen on astronomy and can remember sitting up watching our little black and white tv at 3am when Armstrong made his historic steps for all mankind.

I'm fortunate enough to live in the historic city of Durham, in North East England. The Norman Cathedral has been here since just after William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066. It's a World Heritage site and is visited by millions of people per year.

I'd taken a lot of photos around Durham since I moved here, and also have some very old photos showing floods and snowstorms and other such things, all with the iconic background of an old, old city that has many a story to tell. Who knew that Mustard was invented in Durham, for example?

I decided to combine the two passions into my website - Durham + Weather = Durham Weather!

This one is a labour of love, I don't know whether i'll be able to monetize it, but I don't know whether I care, because the photos, scenery and subject matter are so beautiful. It seems wrong to try to make money from such a thing.

Anyhow, please check it out. The website link is on my profile

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lesabre Premium
Looking good. Thanks for sharing.
Fleeky Premium
That looks great!

Better post link under your profile and remove here...
Normaly, it is not allowed in our blogs and considdered spam
JonLake Premium
Love it Dave. Takes me back to days of old when I used to visit Durham as a kid in the 70's. We had friends who lived in Middlesbrough who we visited a couple of times a year. We always made time to go to Durham - beautiful.

Out of interest, and to go some way to possibly answer your question about monetisation.

Down here we have a VERY vibrant Facebook group called Torbay Undiscovered at

It has about 14k members and they allow others to post pics to the group. If you have other pics, not just of the weather, you could start a FB group, build a free membership and then either add in some ads along the way or charge local businesses to post an ad in the group.

Your population is about the same as Torquay so who knows, could work?

Hope that helps

Jon and Debbie
dkohara Premium
Hi Jon, thanks for the comment.

I'll look at some of the things you've suggested, maybe the thing can be monetised. I'm considering starting a weather bookshop, that will get things started.

JonLake Premium
All the best
doug48 Premium
wow, what an idea.You step outside your front door, look up at the sky, theres your niche solved. Love the website.
dkohara Premium
Thanks, it's an awesome place to live, full of history.