My Amazon Associate Account - The Story So Far

Last Update: February 17, 2020

OK, here's a little update on the way things are going at Amazon. I've been an Amazon affiliate for a few years now, but I hadn't really pushed it on until I got involved with Wealthy Affiliate. I had mostly sold books, which as you know offer a very poor accumulation rate unless you're selling them by the truck load. I wasn't.

The two websites i'm working on at the moment are my main money-making one and my weather website. It's the latter that i'm now using to expand my Amazon Associate income and things are still small, but i've sold a few more weather stations this year. I'd just like to show you how last year and this year compare for affiliate commissions.


As you can see, although I got nearly 1,100 clicks, this resulted in only 21 orders and a value of £383.18 for a paid commission of £24.29. The Conversion rate was down at 1.93%, with one returned item. Average revenue per ordered item was £18.25. The average commission value of each item ordered was therefore £1.16


This year i've managed nearly 1,400 clicks, with 74 items being sold to the value of £2,596.73 and with an average order revenue of £35.09 and average commission value of £1.98. Conversion Rate is 5.36% for 2019, which are all significant improvements.

This is clearly an improving picture.

I realise these are still very small numbers, but the important thing is they are getting better. My target for 2020 is to keep the Conversion Rate up past 5% and orders up past 100, with an average commision value of £5.00.

What do you think?


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accad Premium
Thank you for sharing this information. Could you make a tutorial on how to set up your business with Amazon? I have an account with Amazon but I don't know what will happen next. Will I just wait or something has to be done? It's really overwhelming if you are new to a program.
RosanaHart Premium
I'm a little uncomfortable seeing your Amazon graphs there, though I don't have the time to research whether that is okay with Amazon or not. Our blog posts here in WA are not confidential just to here... they do turn up in Google.

To confirm this to myself I took a sentence from one of my blog posts here a few months ago and put it in Google: " I was helping my husband get ready to display his wood sculptures at an art show in Colorado" with those quotes around the sentence. Yep, sure enough, it's in Google as being from WA.
JrzyGrlBJ Premium

Great job turning things around.
I would like to become a Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate later down the road. I want to see how my current website takes off. I'm still in the process of going through the training and building my site and everything that goes with it.

Once I see how this turns out, I will start the Boot Camp classes.

Have a great day!

Wellbeing38 Premium
Dave I think you are on the right path. At least you are trying to understand the process and this will all help to get you to the promised land. Keep up the good work and every best wish.

YeKeiseaya Premium
You're doing great!! Progress is always motivation.

Best wishes