Just crashed into the Top 200!

Last Update: October 26, 2019

Wow, just had a pop up to say i'd crashed into the top 200 at number 179! I know it doesn't really mean anything other than i've been very active this week and last, but it's encouraging nonetheless.

The ranking system here is clever. It focuses us on helping, creating, contributing and being active here, because that's what the community needs to thrive.

Without us helping each other, creating posts and training, joining in with discussions and just being around to read what each other is up to, the platform becomes a much less valuable place.

Keep striving to improve your rank and you will automatically continue making this a vibrant, educational, social portal that just oozes knowledge and kudos and is respected the World over.


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Wellbeing38 Premium
Well done Dave onwards and upwards
Twack Premium
Congratulations Dave. Your post sums the whole ethos up so very well. Sometimes I think we overlook, maybe 'forget' is better, the very core principles that WA is built upon.
Jamvan Premium
Nicely done. And it does mean something. Like you said, you got ranked because you are being active and helping. Both of these are things to be proud of. Any encouragement we can get is great. Good for you. Keep being awesome.
EW26 Premium
Couldn't agree with you more....congrats! I'm sure it was well earned.
LLettau1 Premium
Congratulations on a high milestone.