I'm back! Long time no see!

Last Update: April 27, 2021

It's been a while since I blogged here at Wealthy Affiliate. It actually seems longer than January.

That's not because I've been idle, anything but.

Since the start of the year I've made some major changes to my online operations and have also been helping my partner with her website, which is in the real estate niche.

Change of Domain

The changes on my own main site have been the main thing that has tied me down. The main one has been a change of domain. I finally decided that it was the right thing to do because my original domain name, which was eponymous, wasn't contributing to the relevance of my site.

On top of that, because my site didn't really start off as a pure MMO site, there were legacy posts which diluted the relevance of the site niche.

I decided to change the domain name from dkohara to the make money online thing

At the same time as I transfered all the posts and content over, I archived all of the legacy posts that were not strictly in the MMO niche.

This has led to a much more streamlined and focused site, but because it's a relatively new domain compared to dkohara, Google is not ranking it as high, so i've been super-involved in streamlining the SEO.

I've been using the tools at UberSuggest, run by the excellent Neil Patel. His site allows me to SEO-audit my site and i've managed a 99% rating, so it's as good as it's realistically going to get.

Building my partner's website

My partner's website has now gone live too (it was VERY time consuming and she's a bit of a perfectionist, so wouldn't launch until she was 100% happy). The site has an interactive form which produces a property valuation for potential clients and forwards queries to real estate branches, meaning she can pass leads to business partners.

All good stuff.

I've now embarked on writing a training course for affiliates, which will have 30 lessons on how to start a business from scratch. This is taking a while to research, but will be good for me in the end.

I'm not yet sure if i'll charge for the course. I have the option to do that, but I think it will be more successful if I lead people through the steps

Domain Name



Premium Themes

and monetize the site by referring them to affiliate versions of each, like Bluehost, GetResponse etc. I intend to collect email addresses at registration so I can build my list accordingly.

Busy, busy, busy.

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Dave.
Nice site.
Welcome back.

Paul from Canada.
lesabre Premium
Hi Dave, seems like you have been quite busy. Welcome back.

All the best,

davehayes Premium
Great blog, seems we have similar aspirations in terms of courses. I have switched to Thrive Suite which includes a course builder which is way easier than I expected.

You have obviously been busy but now the ground work is done, now you can earn the money. Good luck
dkohara Premium
Thanks Dave.

I know i’m ready now to create my first course. I’m using LearnPress which seems quite good. I’m about 33% of the way through.
davehayes Premium
Well done, if you need any help I'm happy to help
dkohara Premium
Cheers my friend. JV-ing is something more WA members should do.
davehayes Premium
CherryRed20 Premium
Welcome back!

May your journey to success continue to shine.

dkohara Premium
Thanks CR!

Newme202 Premium
Welcome back
You seems to still be very productive
Well done
Keep the momentum going
dkohara Premium
Oh there’s always things to do! I’ve got ideas for the next 6 months and growing the blog is my priority.

I’m going to push more down the higher ticket route too.
Newme202 Premium
Awesome :)