How posting to your website regularly explodes traffic

Last Update: December 23, 2018

The most important thing of all you can devote yourself to is generating traffic for your website. Without traffic, your website is worthless and you’ll never monetize it. Every blog post you make will attract a little traffic to your site when Google picks up on it. The posts don’t have to go viral either.

Imagine posting every day to your blog for a month (and Google indexing them immediately, just for this illustration). Imagine each post gets just two visits per day.

At the end of the first month, you’ll have had

15 x 2 x 30 = 900 views.

In month two, presuming each of the posts still averages 2 views per day, you’ll have had

30 x 2 x 30 = 1,800 further views

Let’s now imagine you posted every day for 6 months, and each post is viewed only twice a day, your total post views will be:

183 x 2 x 91.5 = 33,489 !!

That’s right, you’ll have made only 183 posts, but your site will have had 33,489 hits in that 6 months. If you then didn’t post anymore for the rest of the year, and each post was still only viewed twice per day, in the 2nd 6 months your website would get

183 x 2 x 183 = 66,978 views.

That’s a phenomenal total. Even if you only manage to post to your blog every other day, and each post only gets a couple of views per day, it’s still a massive amount of traffic.

Imagine how that could be monetized! Imagine if you just kept posting!

This is why members like @littlemama have had such success, because she was consistent. Even she didn’t post quite that often, but consistent regular posting is the key.

Do this and you’ll be in Vegas in no time!

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AlanJE Premium
Sound advice, thanks Alan
PMindra Premium
Hi, Dave.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

I think that you are 'Bang On.'

I have been on phase 2 lessons 7, 8 and 9 of bootcamp for a while now.

I have only five pages and three posts so far. All eight are indexed on page one of google for their search terms respectively.

You are a very wise man and offer us much guidance.

Thank you.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many happy returns moving into the New Year,

Kindest regards,

Mick18 Premium
Thanks. So true, must be consistent.
dkohara Premium
Thanks Mickey, doing that math is an eye-opener is it not?
TommyVTE Premium
I am on 3 post per week each post 3000 plus words now having 80 post on my website start seeing more traffic
Have a great day
dkohara Premium
That’s fantastic. What kind of traffic are you getting per post Tommy?
TommyVTE Premium
Getting about 300 plus in general by the numbers from Google analytics
Cass51 Premium
Hi Dave, yes I guess it is really a numbers game and regular content is the key. Thanks for your insight. Cheers Cass
dkohara Premium
No problem Cass. I like to try to motivate myself and others in my blog postings.

NeptuneSiver Premium
***Merry Christmas *** Big Boom
dkohara Premium
Same to you Sherman!

Karim78 Premium
Hi Dkohara.
Great post.
15 x 2 x 30 = 900 views the number 15 represent what ?
dkohara Premium
Thanks Karim,

30 days in the month, 2 views per post per day, 15 is the average length of time in days each post has been on the site (in that first month).

In the second month, all the posts will be there for the full month, so 30 x 2 x 30 is the calculation.