Got my first Recurring affiliate fee!

Last Update: December 14, 2018

Really happy, I had my first repeat commission a couple of days ago from a member who went Premium in November. In my first 3 months I’ve made nearly $350. I’m happy with that, and with my ranking up to 1031, 30 blog posts and 402 people in my Network, I think i’m doing ok.

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Kepab Premium
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Well done Dave!
Aria-Len Premium
I think you're doing great! I'm so happy to hear that you're starting to see how your hard work is paying off! I look forward to hearing more motivating posts like this from you (and other members) because no matter how long you've been a member or how successful you become, your story is always going to impact someone in a positive way and help them keep going.
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Dave!

Nicely done!

Once an avalanche has been started ...
dkohara Premium
I’m working hard, so it’ll come.
JonLake Premium
Nice one Dave - motoring on well.

Hope you are ready for some of the white stuff over the weekend?!

Very Christmassy!!
dkohara Premium
Hi Jon, thanks. It seems to be going well.

It looks like a bit of snow on Saturday, but nothing long lasting.

Best wishes, Dave