Everbody needs a Mentor to succeed

Last Update: October 25, 2018

Well, this is my first day after completing the basic training. I spent a bit of time last night chilling and taking in some telly. The Apprentice was on UK TV. I’m sure those characters could do with signing up on Wealthy Affiliate to learn a few business skills, some of them are clueless.

Anyhow, like any true Wealthy Affiliate, I couldn’t keep away from here, so I started to look around a bit more. I have been lucky enough to be encouraged and followed by some very successful WA members in the month or so I’ve been here, so I decided to read their stories in more detail. I started reading their blogs.

Now, by virtue of the fact that these people have ratings below 200, they must be doing something right. I was looking for the secret of their success. I was looking for someone to use as a blueprint for my own success.

I was looking for a Mentor!

What I actually found was a guy who’d joined a few years ago, but had picked his niche, lived and breathed it and within a few more months he was in the top 500, then the top 200, then he was posting details of his first income from Wealthy Affiliate and his affiliate promotions from his websites. A few months later he was referring lots of people and he finished off going to Vegas. All of this happened in less than year! He now goes to Vegas regularly for the Super Affiliate Conference.

I want to be like him!

Now as Tony Robbins says, if you want to be a success, just find someone who is already a success and emulate what they do. In short, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. This has got to be the way. Now, i’m not advocating copying people’s work, far from it. What I am advocating is that I (and you) should use the example set as a means of motivating and moving forward in a way that works. We all have out own niches, so speeds of progress might differ, but in the end, if we follow a system that works, we’ll get there.

So, I have picked the Mentor I want to use to make my business a success. He doesn’t know it yet, but I will be PMing him shortly to tell him of my plan and i’m sure he’ll be ok with that because I can see he’s that type of guy. He has gotten where he is today by helping people.

One day I hope someone else who is new to Wealthy Affiliate will pick me as their Mentor. I’ll know then that i’ve done a good job and am the inspiration for others. That’s what i’m striving for.

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smartketeer Premium
Congrats Dave!

Great thoughts and noble goals!

JWhite5 Premium
You are in the right place and the timing couldn’t be better Dave!
firstlearn Premium
A good post with a great idea Dave.

dkohara Premium
Thanks Derek.

I’m flying at the moment :-)

JKulk1 Premium
That's a fantastic idea Dave. WA is full of potential mentors. Jim
dkohara Premium
That’s very true Jim, and as Kyle has installed the philosophy of helping people within his portal, it’s certainly going to be an exciting ride, learning from the masters.

Vickic3 Premium
This is a great post and my mentor is the late great Jim Rohn and I study from him every day
I cherish his lessons and I learn so much
Keep up the great work and I hope you mentor is the awesome :)
dkohara Premium
Thanks Vickic3,

I already have my next blog post written, but I can’t post twice in a day until i’ve been a member for 3 months, so you’ll all have to wait! :-)

Regards, Dave