Earning a little more now, so pleased

Last Update: May 16, 2019

Since starting in September, i’ve started to see some progress with my earnings and my savings. My Freedom Pot is something I started a few months ago. Basically, my bank rounds up every purchase to the nearest pound and puts it in my Freedom Pot. I also put £2 per day in there too.

My Wealthy Affiliate earnings are from introductions and bonuses for creating training. I could do with more referrals and i’m working very hard on this.

Amazon income is slow so far, mainly from books i’ve reviewed, plus some weather station products I sold from another site. These are higher value items, so good earners. I have a little store there and occasionally I get related sales too.

Rakuten isn’t something i’ve really pushed yet, but the income I have there is from Udemy courses. I’m looking to do much more here soon, as I have a couple of niches that can benefit.

In addition to this, i’ll need to creat a pot for Google Adsense as i’ve got £57.45 currently earned in there and they pay out at £60.

Happy days!


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Linda103 Premium
Congratulations, that's wonderful.
Smcnabbcote Premium
Congrats on that, Dave!
Wow, I can't wait to get to this point.
Have a wonderful day :)
CandP Premium
Well done, Dave, you are making real progress. It is always going to be slow to start but if you can make a few dollars you can certainly make a lot more. We wish you continued success.
Colette and Philip
DavidFrady Premium
Awesome buddy! Keep it up! Take care
ShihTzuSteve Premium
Great progress, Dave, well done.