Can You Get Out of The Escape Room Alive?

Last Update: October 29, 2018

Picture the Scene : A Dark Attic, with a Serial Killer on the loose

You are one of four people in the attic of an old house. It's pitch black in there, and you are handcuffed to the furniture. There's a serial killer on the loose. He's already killed 13 people. You have 60 minutes to work out how to escape the room, otherwise you become his 14th,15th,16th and 17th victims.

The first thing you MUST do : get out of the handcuffs. Without doing that, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye, because he's coming for you. Find a torch, there might be something under the bench you're sitting on? There's a pile of what feel like playing cards ..... a block of wood and ..... a torch!

Fumbling to switch it on, it flickers into life to reveal your fellow captors, a padlocked wooden trunk with code numbers on the side, a bible, a wooden puzzle, an essay stuck to the wall. You get the picture. The clock ticks on and you're still handcuffed. You need to start to make sense of all the clues.......

It's a scene from a trip to Newcastle and a visit to Exit Escape Rooms. This phenomenon has been sweeping the country and there are now several 'Escape Rooms' in most big cities in the UK. The simple idea is that you have to use teamwork to extract yourself from the imprisoning room, by following clues and solving puzzles. If you work out how to escape in less than 60 minutes, you get yourselves onto the website with your picture and your Escape time, for all the World to see.

This particular room, The Attic, had an escape success rate of 39%. It was the hardest room they had available. Why on Earth did we sign ourselves up for the hardest? Because we really wanted to challenge ourselves. We managed to get out in 58 minutes and 57 seconds.

What does this have to do with Wealthy Affiliate?

Everything, especially if you're looking to change your life.

What is the first thing we must do? Get out of the handcuffs. We must get rid of the thing that is restraining us and preventing us from moving on to the next puzzle, the next problem. Until we figure out how to do this, we'll not succeed in changing what we want to change. The handcuffs are usually mental. We procrastinate and never really free ourselves from what is holding us back.

The next stage is looking at the clues and solving the puzzles, using logic to work out what works and what doesn't. The important thing is to try stuff. What is the code for the padlocked trunk? The clues are all there. You need to get into the trunk to get the handcuffs off. Try a combination, if it doesn't work, try another one, eventually you'll work it out.

Changing your life is the same, if you really want to do it. All the clues are there, either on the Internet or given to you in training, such as that presented by Wealthy Affiliate. You need to solve one puzzle to move to the next. When you've solved all the puzzles, you'll escape from your current life and move on to being a successful entrepreneur, or whatever it is you want to be.

Team work is incredibly important.

If you were the only person in the Escape Room, you'd have to work out all the puzzles and answers yourself. Being alone would make things a lot harder. Not impossible, but it would take you a lot longer to get out. Chances are the murderer would catch you. That's why it's best to be in a party if possible, so different people can work on solutions simultaneously.

You need to work together to solve the task. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are all part of a huge team. Others already know the answers to the puzzles. Thanks to the resources available at Wealthy Affiliate, all the answers are already there. You need to dig for them, but they are there and if you follow examples and look at people who have already 'escaped'. You WILL find solutions.

I hope you see now how to free yourself.

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lesabre Premium
Thank you for the share.
MKearns Premium
Great post and concept dave. I love it. posted about finding a way forward in a sticky situation.!
Marley2016 Premium
Great post - captured my interest at the start making me want to read the whole thing great job :)
dkohara Premium
Thank you my friend. It was actually a very interesting experience. I wasn't looking forward to it as we sat in the waiting room, but after I came out I started thinking of analogues for posting here. It wasn't really difficult.
xSF Premium
It goes with Halloween, too!
Calvinator63 Premium
HI Dave,

i was wondering how you were going to tie this into WA (a requirement of WA blogs) :-).

Great job love the comparisons!

My questions of the unknown normally can be answered in that grey box to the right of the WA icon in the tool bar, its called the search box.

That magically tool will reveal many mysteries of affiliate marketing if you will just give it a chance LOL

Great read,
dkohara Premium
Thanks Calvinator63,

It was an interesting experience, and got the brain cells working again (at aged 58). Amazing how you can make associations between things.

Regards, Dave
davehayes Premium
An interesting post, which I enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing