Another Amazon update - products flying off the shelves!

Last Update: February 27, 2020

I know it's not that long ago that I posted about Amazon. I was messing about with various tweaks and strategies, but all the while trying to improve things. One of the things I tried was changing the text on the Buy button. I changed it to 'Check Price'.

Here's the complete 2019 sales figures. 1380 clicks brought 74 orders to the value of £2,596.73, which paid £146.49 commission.

Zip forward to today and the results for 2020 to date. Already i've had 717 clicks and 21 orders. That's in only 57 days! The shipped item revenue is already nearly 50% of the entire 2019 total, as are the total fees.

If I project these figure forward to the end of 2020, it gives a total predicted click total of 4,604, with orders at 135, revenue of £7,708.54 and Total Commission at £462.77

Not too shabby that 😎


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Ross57 Premium
Congratulations, it is looking really good for you

All the best for the rest of the year, with a snow ball effect you might even end up higher at the end of the year than predicted

dkohara Premium
Could be. I sold another item while I was out tonight. £115 Value.
Ross57 Premium
Well done, love hearing good news
Jimmy58 Premium
Congratulations Dave! A good indication that your business is soaring just by tweaking your ‘call-to-action’ aside from your hard work.

Thanks for sharing!
dkohara Premium
Yes, a huge increase in clicks. This also sets the Amazon cookie on the userspC when clicked, so there’s a potential of other Amazon sales commissions.
DMahen1 Premium
Jenny28 Premium
Great Amazon results! It looks like your changes have made a difference.
timstime20 Premium
That’s good results
Thanks for sharing