A bit of a grim post to have to make

Last Update: February 05, 2020

What's this about?

One of the posts on my blog tells of some property training we went on last year. Some negative comments have started to come through recently on the post, and i've just found out from another property forum that a guy who had taken the same training (and spent more than he could afford) has taken his own life.

Naturally, emotions are running high in his social circle and the property trainer Samuel is getting the blame because the guy actually desperately asked for a refund several times when he came to his senses and was refused.

This got me thinking, why didn't Samuel have an unconditional refund guarantee for things like this? It can't be judged his fault that the guy ended up taking his own life (no-one knows of any other underlying issues, but he was ex-forces and may have had PTSD/depression), but if someone desperately requests a refund and explains why, it should be apparent that it needs to be granted.

So, if you are selling a course, a service or mentorship access/membership, do you offer an unconditional refund?

If not, why not?

If this gets into the press, it may well destroy Samuel's business. Is it worth the risk? No fee or payment is worth this. How Samuel reacts now (hindsight is a wonderful thing) will be pivotal for his reputation and credibility. The knives are already out 😏

What do you all think?


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HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is very sad, Dave, and the parallel here is quite profound. Thank you for giving us all something important to think about.
mstewardit Premium
That post humanizes everything. We must be careful in what we sell. Subscription services should always have an opt out for special dispensation.

Wellbeing38 Premium
Is there a template to offer the likes of this Dave
EdwinBernard Premium
Sad post indeed. Most legitimate businesses have some kind of unconditional refund within a specific time period.

There are some investment service companies I bought newsletters from fir very reasonable prices. They all offer more in depth studies and investment advice fo a high cost.

They used to provide an unconditional money back guarantee within one month. They have changed their tactic. Instead of offering a refund, they offer one more year of their investment service at no charge.

This didn't make sense. If the person who bought their advice didn't make enough money or none at all, why would they want to have one more year of the service at o charge? Having their money back would be the best solution.

I dot buy any of their expensive courses any more.

Thanks for writing about this thorny topic.


dkohara Premium
He’d actually placed himself in a dire financial situation by spending the money. I’m not sure how long had elapsed before he asked for the refund.

SEK Premium
The guy spent his money for a product and killed himself.

Welcome to the real world.

If I bought a car and I could not afford it. Is the car salesman To blame for my death?

I have been working on my websites for a couple years and have not made any money from them. If I go out and kill myself, are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate at fault?

I feel bad for the guy’s family but obviously he had deep problems before taking this course.

I just don’t see how you can blame a course for someone killing themselves.
dkohara Premium
I didn’t. Read the post again. 😏
Nancy29 Premium
I'm so sorry to hear of this loss. It brought to mind one of Kyle's reminders...that there's a living, breathing person interacting with our words and materials. Thanks for sharing.