Writing Tip to Help with Focus if You're a "Big Picture" Person

Last Update: May 03, 2019

Are You a "Big Picture" Person?

One thing that I struggle with is the ability to focus in on details for very long. I am most definitely a "Big Picture" person, even with my website. I have plans and blueprints. I can see how I want to link things together to help people find what they need. I know the overall direction of my site and am always excited about moving forward in that direction.

Trouble focusing in on Details

But...when I go to write an article, I am still thinking about how it will connect to maybe three other pages I still need to write. Or my mind wanders to two new details I want to add in different sections of the article I am trying to write now.

The articles that I have written have taken way longer than they needed to as a result of my wandering mind.

Outlining Main Ideas Only Helped a Little

I learned to make outlines of the main points I want to cover before I write. This helps me stay on track...sort of. I still find it hard to focus on just one paragraph though. I kind of glance over all the different outline points and...then I just sit there staring at them.

I can't seem to help mulling over how the different points fit together so far and maybe ways to change their order etc.

My New Method

Recently, I had one of those epiphany moments. I thought of a way to put blinders on myself like they do horses sometimes.

Now, after I have my title, and my loose outline of main points, I copy and paste just one of those points into a text file. I can't see any other part of my article. Just that one point. I tell myself that I only have to write one paragraph to start.

By the time I work out one paragraph, it is easy enough to add a few more to round out my thoughts and boom! I am done with a section of my article.

Then I copy and paste it back into my article and do it all over again with the next point. Obviously I need to go back and edit things later. But that gets me over my hump. Editing is a breeze after that.

Too Much?

This may seem like OVERKILL to some people, and I totally understand why, but it has helped me increase my writing speed by tons!

So if you struggle with small details like I do, from feeling overwhelmed and distracted by all the different thoughts and ideas, maybe this might help. Its not for everyone :)

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WMarshall1 Premium
Thank you! I am going to try this as well. Will let you know how I make out!
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you, I"m going to try this. I get very overwhelmed by having to focus, this is an excellent strategy. :-)
djriver Premium
Yay. If I helped even one person then it made it worth kind of making myself look a little foolish lol. :)
wendyg53 Premium
It's not foolish to find a good method to get things done. :-)
TimMoto Premium
Makes sense to me, thank you for sharing.
CandP Premium
Hey, if it works for you that's great!
Enjoy a wonderful weekend.
C & P
djriver Premium
Thanks guys :)