Its getting hard to help people

Last Update: May 02, 2019

I've been seeing alot of hype over people posting their websites in posts and comments and chat. I am aware it is against the rules since so many people have been harping on it. BUT I have to wonder if the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.

It used to be easy, when someone asked a quick question about their website to just ask them what the page was they were having problems with, take a quick look, and give them an answer.

There is a thread where you can ask for feedback and post your website. There is a thread where you can ask for comments and post your website. So if someone needs help with something and the easiest way to help is to take a quick look, why is this a problem?

Having to private message someone every time someone needs a quick look is just another layer to go through. Instead of lending a quick hand (WP is my thing so I like to help with WordPress stuff) I end up passing on alot of things I could help with if I only have a few moments to answer a question.

I feel we have swung too far in the opposite direction. Unfortunately it is because of the few who abuse the system. But I still feel it is really annoying and slightly inconvenient to not be able to ask for a simple, quick link to a page someone needs help on. It is a legetimate scenario where it would not be spam.

But I have stopped asking for links and just go on about my business if I don't have more time, which feels kind of bad actually. God forbid, the spam police should show up and make the person feel bad for asking a question and saying "could you just look at my home page and tell me why this isn't showing up?"

People are so afraid someone might post a link to their site disguised as a need for help.
Believe me, I would be the first person to hit the spam button if I felt I was being spammed. Geesh people.

So I ask, have we swung too far in the opposite direction now?

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Ron69 Premium
My personal opinion...(If I may..!)
Is that I joined up to as a total Newbie to the online business. Bloody-hell, it's like doing my degree all over again...Lol!
I do my darnedest to not disturb/hassle anyone.....and have always saddled my own horses..!
However, I did join with the promise that there would be loads of help and guidance along the way! So far all I've witnessed mostly is that WA is/has turned out to be another Social website, other than "Business"
I mean...there are folks who are asking all the WA members to warmly welcome family /friends/newbies that they have signed up...???
Common People.....! I'm still getting to grips with my own setup here....and still don't know how to frigging well drive traffic to my site...! and you want me to be welcoming the world...! Follow...! and then to still respond to tons of emails that have nothing to do with/for me
I strongly believe, that should I really have a problem/obstacle that I can't get over during training "Boot-Camp" then it's my sponsor that should be there for me
I can go on and on...but won't....this was supposed to be a quick response....roflmao..!

Success to you all
djriver Premium
You are wise. I agree. Focusing on your own website is paramount. I commend you for sticking to it.

Yeah I'm not really into welcoming everyone either. I do like to help sometimes though. It is good practice for my own business, if I am able to help people with WordPress.

I know when I started, I had no sponsor, but luckily, I am pretty good at teaching myself anyways. Whenever I have had a question, it is usually something I have thought about for more than a week and couldn't figure out.

I suspect there are many others here without sponsors. Then there are sponsors here that might be new also and don't have all the answers.

I guess we all use this platform according to our needs.

I enjoy hearing other perspectives on stuff. Thanks for your thoughts :)
Selenityjade Premium
I don't mind the help questions with links, that's definitely acceptable in my opinion.

But sadly, people abuse it so much that I do think the rule is needed. Do I know when I'm being spammed? Yes. But people in general can be dumb or selfish or decide they don't care because online isn't 'real life' and a number of other reasons people think spamming things is okay. I don't even know why you'd want to spam in the slim chance someone actually buys something. Heck, some people don't even realize they're spamming!

I've noticed something in my 23 or so years online about people (and 39 years of life). Most human beings, especially online, cannot put themselves in another person's shoes. They want to make a sale, but don't get how pushing and messaging people could possibly bother anyone. They get cut off in traffic, they immediately jump to the conclusion someone is a jerk, they don't even consider maybe they're late for work and didn't mean to. They want more money and totally don't understand why making pushy dishonest reviews isn't good. They honestly cannot understand things from their readers perspective. I'm very empathetic and have been my whole life. It's natural for me to put myself in their place or try to treat people how I want to be treated. I actually had to learn most people can't do this as easily as I can. It's not everyone, lots of people can do it, but most people can't and some don't even want to.

That's a large majority that means we get crazy rules like 'Don't post links'. Rules cannot be subjective. A person could easily say, "but I just wanted help!" When you know that's not it, but you can't prove intent on an online forum. So either all website links are banned, or you allow all of them. You can't have a middle-ground, except for allowing them in specific threads.

As for posting content:

I don't think people should post their website content to their blogs because you're duplicating content for one and our WA blogs are supposed to be about WA and business, and honestly, if I want to read content on sites, I go to Site Feedback or Site Comments platform and do that to help. We aren't supposed to reproduce content by posting our articles here to our site, probably because it's duplicating content and Google doesn't like it. It will likely hurt your website rankings in the end or hurt WA blogs rankings, doesn't matter, it hurts rankings. Only one gets labeled canonical.

If someone wants help editing or content feedback, they can hire a copy editor, find a friend or family member to help beta read it, or post it and ask for content feedback in the Site Feedback forum. That way it stays canonical to their site and it's a decent compromise.

I hang out in Site Feedback when I want to help and have time. A person could also post a question asking for a volunteer to read their post for them, or a number of ways that doesn't break the rules.

I don't think it's spam police you should blame. Blame the Spammers that made the rule necessary.

But these are just my extensive thoughts and opinions on it. :)
djriver Premium
Hi :) thanks for your thoughts. I'm not really blaming anyone, mainly, I'm sharing my frustration for the need to have to have a blanket rule as you said.

I guess I still hold out hope that people can use their common sense and realize..."Oh that person just needs help", like you said that you do.

It just makes it a little harder to reach out and help. And I will still do my best to help - when I have time :)

One thing I am going to miss is the "group" feeling that happens sometimes when someone asks a question. You may offer a piece of insight and then someone else mentions something else and before you know it, after three or four people chime in, the problem is solved. Group Think!

You can't get that with a private message. Nor can anyone else learn from it. is what it is. I'll move forward. Thanks again :)
Selenityjade Premium
I understand the frustration! I just don't really hold out on hope that people can use common sense and not spam.

What I do if it looks like an honest mistake is point out links aren't allowed on blog posts in a comment so they can hopefully change it before getting reported.

Also, from my understanding, you don't get a writing ban until after multiple reports so hopefully that saves a lot of people from innocent mistakes.

Funny story, about 15 years ago the active ingredient in Sudafed was moved to pharmacy only (w/o a prescription still) here in the US because people like to make meth out of it. I was very upset about this because it's the only decongestant that works! I didn't want to have to go ask at the pharmacy. Such a pain. I knew WHY this changed, because of the few that abuse the product, and they wanted to regulate it and make it harder.

Today's society right there. When people abuse the system, rules make it harder on the rest of us. After running around grumbling about gosh-darned meth-heads (I said stronger words), I just learned that society makes rules after they need to and stop getting frustrated by it. There's always going to be the few people who make it harder on the rest of us. Over and over again, forever. Soon, someone will find a way around things, new rules pop up. Peace for awhile. Then something new happens, people being selfish jerks lead to more rules again.

Sigh. It sucks for the rest of us, but it is what it is, I guess.
Fitzythird Premium
As a new member, I thank you for the valuable insight. I haven't been here long enough to know the potential landmines, but you have succeeded in educating me to one I'm positive I would have stepped on.

I will now make a concerted effort to find the page where posting a link is ok. You make mention of IMing folks so I've noted that.

My third takeaway is you are a black belt in Word Press and that is music to my eyes in this particular situation! I won't bug you until I have gone through all the training in building my site, but nice to know you are out there.

I hope your message starts a dialog with influencers throughout the community. The reaching out and helping people component of the site is vital. Well done!
djriver Premium
I don't consider myself a blackbelt in WordPress. I know SOME. But I really enjoy helping with what I do know. I find a sense of satisfaction, like people do when they solve a crossword puzzle or something. Its fun. And like I said in my post, its kind of my thing. Its also my niche for my website.

Yeah, If you want to have someone look at something on your site, you will need to Private message them.

Besides my little rant, this is a great place to learn and grow. Welcome!!
halinphilly Premium
You're not wrong, but it wouldn't take long for the pendulum to start swinging back toward the dark side if they got too lax about it. WA doesn't need to make it that easy to spam their fellow members.

Those here who are legit and have put in the work, have their sites listed on their profile. Me for example. So, if someone really needs me to help with something, they can take the time and put in the effort to reach out through my site. Most of us are not that hard to find.
sdawson Premium
I agree, some people, in fact, many members do not post their sites on their profile pages. I guess from fear of copying content or something.
djriver Premium
Yes, you are probably right about the pendulum swinging too far the other way again. Sigh...

Thanks for your thoughts :)
LauraFuller Premium
The thugs and trolls of this platform are messing it up for the masses. But that is how the world is. Wish the whole world could get along.

Not going to happen. Have a great day and keep keeping on.

djriver Premium
No more campfires, holding hands and singing Kumbaya :)
LauraFuller Premium
Awww no way. I love campfires and Kumbaya.
djriver Premium