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Are You a "Big Picture" Person?One thing that I struggle with is the ability to focus in on details for very long. I am most definitely a "Big Picture" person, even with my website. I have plans and blueprints. I can see how I want to link things together to help people find what they need. I know the overall direction of my site and am always excited about moving forward in that direction. Trouble focusing in on DetailsBut...when I go to write an article, I am still thinking about how it will
I've been seeing alot of hype over people posting their websites in posts and comments and chat. I am aware it is against the rules since so many people have been harping on it. BUT I have to wonder if the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. It used to be easy, when someone asked a quick question about their website to just ask them what the page was they were having problems with, take a quick look, and give them an answer. There is a thread where you can ask for feedback and po
I was using Jaaxy the other day and thought it would be really helpful to have a "note" field in our saved lists that we could put a short note in. It would be even more helpful to be able to sort keywords based on this note. I know you can basically do this by copying the keywords and putting them into a spreadsheet. But I was just thinking it would cool to have it in the saved lists feature. What do you guys think?
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August 19, 2017
I just read an article about the new EU regulations on websites.My first thoughts were..."Dang, this is too confusing" and "How will this impact my own website which has barely even been started?".Right away, I confess that when I go to a website, if one of those cookie bars pops up and tells me I can opt out of them collecting my information, my first response it to click whatever I need to, to keep my privacy as best I can. So, I click "no", or "opt-out" or whatever is appropriate. If everyon
October 26, 2016
I'm starting again, again. I changed my mind again on what I'd like to write about. I started two other blogs in the past year and a half or so, only to discover I got bored with the subject matter, and procrastinated constantly when it came time to write article posts. Don't worry, this won't be your problem. It's me. I change my mind a lot. But I don't consider any of that time wasted. I know the getting started process pretty well now and am more aware of the time and effort it is going to t