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December 06, 2014
omg I can't believe it actually happened!!! I made my first sale yo! I had been waiting and waiting and writing and writing....and now I look and see that I made $25! AHHHHHHH! I am sooo pumped!!! Now I just need to see if I can track how it happened so I can repeat it! This is after 73 posts and 3 months so it takes some work. I hope that it creates a snowball effect and it doesn't take 3 more months to make another sale :)
I was feeling discouraged, I was feeling burnt out. But I took some action and now I feel better. I watched some WA training vidoes and I watched Kyle's Black Friday bonus brain dump. I have been writing content and have been seeing search engine results! So far I have had 34 visits from serach engines to my site and it is only 1 month old! I will not give up on this, it is my dream. Thanks WA cxommunity for always being there for me :)
December 01, 2014
I am feeling pretty down right now. I worry that I am wasting my time, that I write and write and tinker with my site, and it is all for nothing. I have targeted low hanging fruit keywords, I have made my sites look great, and still I feel like it will lead to nowhere. I want to utilize every moment I have to the fullest, I have such little time every day to devote to this. I love doing it, I love writing, I love feeling proud of myself for what I have created. But. I also feel down some days,
November 17, 2014
I just started my year here. I hope that by the end of the year I will be making an online income :) I need this, so my family and I can live a life of freedom! I have two sites that I started before joining WA. One of them makes a bit of money, I sell a coloring book I created and have done some logo design and commissioned paintings. I am an artist and being paid for my art is so rewarding! You can see my art site here I also started an affiliate site with my sister be