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My last blog post was a frustrated post. I was having a hard time moving my site to WA hosting and I was ready to throw in the towel. Or course I knew I wouldn't give up, but I needed to vent. I am so thankful for all the support I received at WA, you guys got my back! I knew I needed to bounce back from this. I am slowly moving my site to a siterubix site and once it is done I will change my namservers. I also took the plunge and bought Genesis! I am happy to say that I LOVE IT. A premium them
April 15, 2015
I am so frustrated, I am so sad right now. I am trying to make my website smaller so I can move it to WA hosting. I used a plugin called DNUI to remove all the images I don't need or use. But when I used it, it got rid of my featured images. I had a backup of my uplaods folder and of my database so I figured I was safe. But it didn't matter, after restoring my images are still messed up. I can't handle this anymore. There is too much to learn, too much I can't do. My current hosting sucks, My w
My head is about to explode! Moving hosts is a major undertaking when you have never done it before. My current hosting is cheap and is only causing me problems. On my one site, I can't even use my contact form, and my online store isn't delivering files that people are purchasing. I have 2 sites I want to move but for now I am just working on moving one of them. I tried last month to move it, but I ran into too many issues. I couldn't get an FTP program to work and my uploads file was too big
The more time I spend on WA, the more I wonder where all the peeps are that are making an income NOT promoting WA. Maybe they have learned what they need to learn and are no longer on WA. I know this has been asked before, and I know people have said that there are people making money promoting other things. I know that there are people promoting both WA and other things. I have read the blog post about the guy who bought a car with Amazon commissions. I just wonder where all the people are tha
I see all these awesome headlines. I have a list of headline formulas. But I am having difficulty using the keywords I find with the keyword tool into these headline formulas. Here are examples of awesome headlines that I found on a successful website: 6 Ways to Make your Makeup Last Why you Ned Prickly Pear Products How you Should be Applying Face Oils Turn Turmeric into an Acne Mask My keyword research shows that these are not phrases people search for. I find that a lot of the keywords I can
I am wondering about starting a site with an affiliate company that offers higher priced items. It seems like a smart thing to do. It will take the same amount of work to promote a $20 item as a $250 item. I just think about the amount of work I have put in to make $40 from affiliate sales. If those 3 sales were $100 commissions, I would be $300 richer. I know this maybe sounds greedy, but man, I need to make an income.... I can't make $40 every 6 months and live off of that. I wonder if I shou
February 24, 2015
I am so so happy to announce that I FINALLY made another sale! My first 2 sales were made right before Christmas 2014, after 3 months of working on my site. Now 3 more months later I have made my third sale! I am so excited, I have been waiting for this day to happen. I have been working hard on my site, so this confirms to me that I am on the right track. I have learned so much here at WA, I especially love Jay's Live Classes, they have really helped me. I watched his "The Anatomy of an Awesom
February 16, 2015
Hello all! I will be leaving the cold frigid north to make a trek to Vancouver Island for 2 months to join my husband who is tree-planting down there. I thought it might be awesome to meet up with some of you if you live down there. I will be near Campbell River. Message me if you are close by!
I think that if I was doing this right, I should be seeing results. I have a consistent amount of traffic and no sales. I know I am doing something wrong. My website isn't set up porperly. I need better menu's and organization. I need more reviews. I need to do comparison posts. I feel like my website is set up as more of a "personal" blog than an informative website. If you want to make money, you have to create an informational site where people go to research their purchases. This is not wha
So I was thinking about Niche selection and something dawned on me. I came to the realization that the best niche for you to be in would be something that you could feel great about giving advice on. I asked myself, "what would I feel awesome giving advice about? What topic would I want someone to ask me about? What would excite me to tell someone about?" If someone asked me about car insurance, I could tell them a bit about it, but it wouldn't excite me. On the other hand, if someone asked me