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February 26, 2016
I love writing and running a website, I love helping people.But what I hate is plugins, databases, backups, errors, page load speeds......I can't keep up with it all. It makes my head spin.I rely on my website to make me money and I am scared that all the work I have done will be lost. What if something goes wrong? What if I install a plugin that messes something up? Why is my page load speed bad when I think I have done everything right?I need a mentor, someone who can help me, but everyone is
For a long time (a whole year) I was only promoting skin care products through a couple of online stores (everything they carried was expensive). I was making sales, but only 3-5 a month (nowhere near enough to make me an income). I noticed that my few Amazon links seemed to be doing well. I thought maybe I should add some more Amazon links, so I started doing that. I contacted a WA member for some advice, I asked him to look at my website and give me some pointers. He gave me some great advice
Someone contacted me on my website's contact form, inquiring into buying my site from me. I was intrigued and wondered what he would offer me for it. He wanted to know my traffic stats and monthly revenue. I told him the details, that I get almost 300 visitors a day and that I make up to $150 a month in affiliate revenue. He got back to me and has offered to buy my site for $1800. To me, this isn't enough. I decided, even before I knew his offer, that I would not sell for less than $3000. Now I
October 16, 2015
Ok so status update on my website progression.Website age: 14 monthsTraffic: 200+ views a daySubscribers: 37 (with no opt-in bonus, just weekly emails of new posts)FB Likes: 290Sales: on Amazon - $30 last month, $15 this month so far. On Sharasale - about $60 a month.New Goals: 500 views a day by the end of 2015, set up an autoresponder series and offer an opt-in bonus, become more active on twitter.Concerns: That I should be making more money considering I am getting 6000 views a month. I do n
My website is doing alright. I have almost 200 visitors a day and I am making about 4 sales/ month. I have 400 clicks/ month. So far I have made $300 off this site. I am wondering what the best way is to reinvest this money. I am thinking of maybe getting Aweber, or else paying for some written content. I also need to tweak my website, increase conversions and get more traffic.I am ranking on page 1 for a few keywords. I am ranked for: argan oil vs jojoba oil for
The person who referred me to WA is not an active member. This really bums me out, I don't have someone who can be a mentor to me, someone I can consistently ask questions to, someone who actively wants to help me.Can I change referrals? LOLI know I probably can't, and I know that there are a lot of people in the community who can help me, I just wish I was referred here my Nathaniell or Leoemery or Dom. Someone who is very active here. Anyways, a bit of a ramble about what is on my mind at the
June 30, 2015
I can't believe it! I am so excited. I have made 5 sales this month for a commission of $77!What makes me most excited is that my hard work is paying off, this can be scaled up and it is only going to grow! I am learning, applying knowledge and always getting better at being helpful. I never thought being an internet marketer would be so much fun and teach me so many skills.My website is almost a year old and I am happy to say that I will be doing it for another year. My dream of being free and
I was reading a very interesting article today about how there is massive data mining happening in the US as well as Canada and other countries. was wondering what you think about this and about opting-out? I have often thought of getting off of Facebook because it monitors everything you do, google does as well. It is hard to be in this business, in which we try to please google and we utilize FB for advertising and yet, these systems are fundamentally a
May 16, 2015
My google analytics numbers for the last month:1800 sessions 1600 users3500 pageviews1.20 sec average session duration73% bounce rate85 % new sessions14 % return visitors. Posts:128 published (in total)Pages: 16 published (in total)Blogging since: August 2014Sales: 5 sales with a commission total of $91 (this is all time sales, not just May's)With this amount of traffic I would think I would be getting more sales and no one but WA members ever comment on my site. Future steps:I reached out to co
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had my detective glasses on, I inspected it with a fine toothed comb, humming and hawing about whether I wanted to pay for it, whether it was worth it, or if it was just a scam. I noticed that the themes and plugins that you only get access to once becoming a premium member are all available for free in, so to me that was a bit of a red flag. The reason I found Wealthy Affiliate was because I was looking for reviews on Affilorama's Jetpack. I had t