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I am reading the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Have any of you read it?I am finding it to be extremely valuable for me in my own personal life as well as in my online marketing life. It is really helping me understand how people work and how to best to influence them and make them like me.Here are some key notes from the book that I have written down so far: Principle #1Do not criticize, condemn or complain. Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and
November 14, 2016
I have been using the email at WA for awhile now, but I started to find that I was outgrowing it. There is no spell check, and I couldn't search for emails, or move any more emails to folders. I needed something different. So I decided to create a gmail account. The email I created at WA is an important email account, as all of my affiliate programs use it. So I manually forwarded all the important emails from WA to gmail and then deleted my email inbox here and created an email forward.I als
ScreenshotsI recently learned that you cannot use screenshots of Amazon customer reviews on your website. I was doing this for months and months thinking it was fine. I have seen other people do the same thing. Apparently it is not alright (at least not with Amazon). Here is my question and Amazons response on the issue :ME: I wanted to know if I can take a screenshot of a review from your website and have it on my website within my own personal review. It would be clear that the review was fro
I just wanted to share my income climb. It has been a slow but steady process of getting better at writing, figuring out what works and not giving up. I have been at WA for almost 2 years and I don't think I will ever leave! I love it here :)I remember when I first started, I searched for proof that people actually made money on here, and the more time I spent here, the more proof I saw. Many people where making money as WA affiliates, but there were others making money in different niches as w
September 07, 2016
I want to create a tagline for my site Right now we have the tagline: We Find You Eco-Products That Last. Can you help me brainstorm a different tagline?You could have a look at my About page to get more of idea as to what we are about.
I just received an email that Mountain Rose Herbs is closing their affiliate program because of laws in some states. While I am have not actively promoting Mountain Rose Herbs on my sites (I did join their affiliate program and had planned on promoting them), this news is scary to me. Imagine being someone who had hundreds of sales happening through Mountain Rose Herbs. This news could be devastating! It makes me wonder if all the work I am doing building an affiliate income could just be take
I wrote earlier today about losing my work. I spent 3 hours writing a post, had it almost finished, and realized that my WordPress session had timed out and I could not save my work. You can read my blog post here: I just want to say, I am not going to let this pitfall bring me down! I am going to rewrite that article and it is going to be better than the first one!Don't let the little bumps in the road bring you down, just keep truckin'!
I just spend 3 hours working on a post in Thrive Content Builder. I was saving it throughout. I then noticed that it said something went wrong and it wasn't saving. This was noticed as I was closing the window. Now all of my work is gone! Arrgggg, I am SO MAD!I love the way my posts look when they are done with Thrive Content Builder, but some of the bugs I experience with it just really tick me off! Anyways, I just wanted to vent to people who will understand :)
I am wanting to find other people who are not promoting WA as their niche. I am curious to see how many of us there are. Sometimes I feel like most of the people on here are promoting WA - which is fine, but I want to know that there are others in various niches. SO what is your niche?Mine is organic skincare :)
I am excited to announce that my sister and I have hit the $500 mark in affiliate sales for one month! YAY!These are all amazon commissions, and I have to say, that I love being an Amazon affiliate. Once you get decent traffic and are leading people to Amazon, you will make commissions. My review pages make sales because I am seeing sales for items I am promoting, but I also get the bonus of other purchases people are making, like for car seats, or running shoes.My sister and I have recently st