I hit the $500 in one month mark!

Last Update: February 26, 2016

I am excited to announce that my sister and I have hit the $500 mark in affiliate sales for one month! YAY!

These are all amazon commissions, and I have to say, that I love being an Amazon affiliate. Once you get decent traffic and are leading people to Amazon, you will make commissions.

My review pages make sales because I am seeing sales for items I am promoting, but I also get the bonus of other purchases people are making, like for car seats, or running shoes.

My sister and I have recently started a new site called The Best Organic Lifestyle, where we will link to Amazon for expensive products. We are hoping to be at our goal of full-time incomes by this time next year.

Thanks to everyone at WA for all of your help.

I have one confession....I haven't finished the training yet (gasp!) I should probably get on that.

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AnthonyVi Premium
Congrats, that's great, hope to hit the same milestone one day.
SZev Premium
Great milestone, congrats!
tmaltz Premium
Congrats, and I can remember it wasn't long ago that you were making $200 per month. With more time online businesses consistently increase when you are doing it right. Great job n keep it up
dj-drea Premium
it keeps going up every month, so I am super excited to see what next month brings!
Josh From Oz Premium
Congrats. Onward to bigger things! amazon is the bomb :)
dj-drea Premium
bomb biggity
apache1 Premium
Well done and congrats to you both.