I have been offered to sell my site

Last Update: October 28, 2015

Someone contacted me on my website's contact form, inquiring into buying my site from me.

I was intrigued and wondered what he would offer me for it. He wanted to know my traffic stats and monthly revenue. I told him the details, that I get almost 300 visitors a day and that I make up to $150 a month in affiliate revenue.

He got back to me and has offered to buy my site for $1800. To me, this isn't enough.

I decided, even before I knew his offer, that I would not sell for less than $3000. Now I wonder if I should tell him that.

Part of me wants to sell my site, and move on with what I have learned to a new site, but part of me does not want to part with my site, it feels like my baby. I have worked so hard on it, I don't want to give it up now.

What would you do?

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JohnCWS Premium
There are too many factors to wage in to give you an estimated worth. If you want to PM me and talk about it you can. However, I can say, that at $1800 he is low balling you. If he was serious about it. I would deny the offer and ask if he is open to negotiations. That is of course, you truly want to sell.

It's not a matter of well.. "if the money is right" You either are willing to part with it 100%.. or you want to keep it 100%
dj-drea Premium
I would be willing to part with it if I was blown away with the price. I would have to fell like it is too good of a deal to pass up.
TheOldSilly Premium
I would count up the hours (at least a close estimate) and multiply that number by $20 - which is a reasonable hourly rate, in my opinion. Let's say you've put in 200 hours building and maintaining your site - that's $8,000. Then add one year's worth of estimated revenues at your current rate of income - $150 X 12 = $1,800.

Start the negotiations at $10,000 and work from there. You will probably have to come down some, but only sell if you feel well paid for it. Sure you can quickly build up another site with what you now know, but this one already has momentum, and in a year or two's time, who knows? ... it could be hauling in a thousand dollars or more per month.
dj-drea Premium
I agree
AngelsBird Premium

I think 3000 is not enough, in 20 months he has his investment back and you did not count all the time and effort you have put in the site as Ron says...
But I don't know why you wouldn't start with a new site and keep also the one you have now...
Maybe within 6 months it goes up to $300 a month...

No no, $3000 does not change your life...
If it was $10000 or $15000 you should do it maybe, but why does the guy wants to buy your site, what are his plans?
Did he tell you that?

Just a personal opinion...

dj-drea Premium
He said he wants to acquire a site in the niche I am in, he probably wants to have the base work done for him.
AngelsBird Premium
Probably indeed... Lazy guy... :-)
KatieMac Premium
always a tricky thing, however I would say thank you for your offer but you would not consider selling it for less than 3000
Loes Premium
Great answer, start negotiating at the price of $3000,00, tell him to come with a better offer. When you have worked 1000 hours on it, you monetized it, so 1000 x $5,- == at least $5000
RonAlderman Premium
I m not sure what I would do if I was offered something for one of mine. Like you part of me would be torn. It takes a lot of work to get a site up and running so from that perspective they are personal attachments. At the same time if you can generate profitable sites selling them is another source of revenue. I guess ask yourself if 3000. pays for the time and effort you put into the site.

Best wishes.