I Hate All This Techy Stuff

Last Update: February 26, 2016

I love writing and running a website, I love helping people.

But what I hate is plugins, databases, backups, errors, page load speeds......

I can't keep up with it all. It makes my head spin.

I rely on my website to make me money and I am scared that all the work I have done will be lost. What if something goes wrong? What if I install a plugin that messes something up? Why is my page load speed bad when I think I have done everything right?

I need a mentor, someone who can help me, but everyone is so busy with their own sites.

I need to know how to backup my site. I need to know how to protect my site from hackers. Maybe this is all really simple stuff to some, but to me it is huge and I don't understand it.

Anyways, this is just a ramble. I get like this when I hit a wall. I have a site that I can't backup myself because the server times out when I try. I have contacted the host and they have told me to buy a dedicated server, so ya, spend more money.Then I worry that it won't even solve my problem.

I hate that you have to install a plugin just to see if it is right for you. Then when you delete it, does it leave stuff on your site? I have files from a plugin I deleted a long time ago that I can't get rid of. I feel like I just want to give up some days.

Anyways.....sorry about the downer post. Just needed to vent.

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Darwyn Premium
Hey we all vent now and again! Have you considered making a little siterubix test site? Install the theme you are using on your proper site, install the same plugins etc. That way you will know how your real site will react to new additions and changes etc. before you make them?
Hope this helps. Keep your chin up! The techy stuff is just a means to get your great content out there!
dj-drea Premium
that is a good idea, thank you
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Actually this is really simple stuff. It is only because you are new. It will clean up. Kyle keeps the training at a junior high level. Thousands of people have done this. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!
dj-drea Premium
thanks :)
mijareze Premium
Trial and error. You will learn from it.
dj-drea Premium
I know it is trial and error, just don't want the errors to cost me hundreds of dollars!
2Al Premium
Andrea, great advice from Kyle. Hitting a wall is a part of the learning process.
Kyle Premium Plus
If you ever do something that messes you up, that is what your support team is here for. You have access directly to our server administrators whom will help you out if your website is ever running slow, if you do something that causes major issues, etc.

And you have a community of help here if you ever need any help with Wordpress. As with any technology, there will be a learning curve but you will get the hang of it. Trust me, when I started all of this stuff was manual and you were dealing with code, making templates from scratch, and ending up with UGLY websites.

Things have gotten A LOT better and easier over the years and it is only going to continue to get better as innovation leads to technical simplicity here at WA and within the Wordpress platform itself. :)
dj-drea Premium
Thanks Kyle :) I am wondering if I need to perform complete backups of my site? I do use the export tool, but is that enough?
mackiejw Premium
I only use the EXPORT as a back-up of my content and site settings. In case something serious should happen, WA site support makes daily back-ups and help you out there. Do an export every night and save the files to a folder.

dj-drea Premium
awesome, I just wasn't sure, because I have read that you should make your own complete backups.This makes my life much simpler. Thanks :)