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Never see what I am writing here as a competition anymore, since I joined wealthy affiliate I have never relaxed even my wife has started complaining reasons Divican your are ever busy nowadays with your computer, morning you rush to your computer, after job still over the computer. Many questions arose from here.I kept cool for a while, but my latest answer satisfied her. Which answer, very soon and very soon before Jesus Christ comes I will quite off my job and start an online business. she sa
June 01, 2015
Welcome my new referral from Kenya. JOB YOU YOU HAVE FOLLOWED A RIGHT WAY HERE. Give him some starts here on how to go. Thank you very much.
May 31, 2015
I am exited and I know each one of us on one way or the other you were exited when you joined wealthy affiliate. The excitement comes after you have discovered the goodness of Wealthy Affiliate. When one joins wealthy affiliate in one month the person is not the same who joined wealthy affiliate in two weeks ago. Everyone of us, has his/her own change here in wealthy affiliate University. My question come, what is your excitement ever here in WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY.My excitement; I know ho
May 29, 2015
While you are working here whether you are a newbie or other way round, never skip a blog or a question posted here. Newbies learn from you, they want encouragement and the directions. I remember when I joined wealthy affiliate I did not enjoy any kind of e-mail from Kyle I took it for granted since I was demoralized from other online business by there spam like SFI. But I recalled live chart by the warm welcome I received from the members and the way they encouraged me and I encouraged my self
May 14, 2015
I was shocked about spammer alert here within wealth affiliate and I wish this reach more Members here so that we may fight it together. To a mention a few Loes has warned us, When you follow a member be keen on joining date and member rank.Read it and you will discover ways a spammer approaches you and most of them they P.M conversation. It is true they have approached me.
May 11, 2015
Let me urge you, And this is for the new members. For you to achieve your desire here at Wealthy Affiliate you have to undergo fully trainings here in our classrooms and ask questions of any kind. For example for the last 2 months I have been unable to design my website to look decent, it was not good enough to attract visitors. To be sincere for any visitor who visited it the way it was and now there are quite great improvements on it. This was achieved through careful learning on our availabl
May 10, 2015
Today I ll salute all of you especially' YOU' who is now reading this blog, I said today at this hour of time to congratulate YOU for the great assistance you have given me. I was like crawling baby but now I am a full affiliate. On one way or the other I am now able to know the directions on how to sell the stuff online and many different ways of convincing somebody to join WA.Actually receive my humble conglats to all of 'YOU'
May 06, 2015
Many of us just like me fails in our careers. Why? Let us go.On Jan.25/3/2010 I received in my e-mail inbox, '' join for free us our affiliate only 4 positions''. By this time I didn't knew anything about internet whether you can earn fully working from home. So I decide to follow the link that was in my e-mail address to see what happens. It was during this time the sender made me to be aware that ''internet pays''. I didn't finish my registration since I realized that I have to pay for premiu
May 05, 2015
Yesterday I read a blog that interested me. I don't know whether you read that blog. The blog was about 'MONEY' 'MONEY' for the new members who join wealthy affiliate for their first days here. The author was saying that if you like attending our live chart anybody who joins WA and they are new members they ask, How much will I earn here? the author proceeded to quote for that question as someone asking you how old I am?. I think this author was driving here, when joining WA and if by accident
May 04, 2015
I like giving out morale to you who has joined wealthy affiliate today or those still in dilemma about wealth affiliate. Today being my third month here at wealth affiliate. For the first time I joined here my mind was sent to make money, but today I have known that first get your trainings, learn knew things, set your websites ready, attract your ''customers'' and earn money comes later. After all money is not important other than education. Education equals money. I think this, and it is true